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Prank/Stars is a hidden camera/reality series that premiered on Disney Channel on July 15, 2011 and is hosted by Hannah Montana and Pair of Kings star Mitchel Musso. The series involves children and/or teenagers set up by their friends and family to meet their favorite celebrity stars in "unpredictable and humorous" settings. The show is Disney Channel's first reality series since Totally in Tune. Episodes of the series premiere monthly rather than weekly for reasons.

The series no longer appeared on Disney Channel's American schedule after October 16, 2011. Although episodes continue to air on and premiere on Disney Channel UK.


List of episodes

Season 1: 2011

# Title Original airdate Synopsis
1 "Something To Chew On" (Pilot) July 15, 2011 Unsuspecting kids are the targets of pranks as they meet their favorite celebrities in humorous situations. In the opener, Selena Gomez disguises herself to help a girl audition for a commercial, and Debby Ryan recruits a girl for a fashion show after falling ill in her clothes store. Mitchel Musso's real-life best friend does not show up at a restaurant and 15-year old Luke must fill in for a best friend interview.
2 "Game Showed Up" August 12, 2011 China Anne McClain competes against her biggest fan, 14-year-old Sakoiya, for the chance to become a television game show host. However, the pressure is on when the game show producer shows favoritism towards China Anne during the challenges. Meanwhile, when Adam Hicks loses his voice prior to an important radio interview, it's up to his unsuspecting #1 fan, 12-year-old Zak, to fill in for Adam's voice during the live interview.
3 "Walk the Prank" September 23, 2011 Zendaya's family's new pirate-themed restaurant is short staffed and about to undergo an important restaurant review, so she enlists the help of an unsuspecting patron, 11-year-old Jordan, to fill in as a swashbuckling waitress. However, Jordan risks getting the restaurant a bad review after she inadvertently upsets the food critic. Meanwhile, Cody Simpson invites his biggest fan, 14-year-old Emily, to come up on stage during a special acoustic concert, but she gets more than she bargained for when she learns that the performance is being broadcast live worldwide.
4 "Stick It To Me" October 16, 2011 Tiffany Thornton is struggling to compose a song for a new video game device, so she enlists the help of her #1 fan, 12-year-old Darby, to collaborate on the lyrics and use silly props to inspire the creative process. However, Darby's songwriting skills impress the producer and she is asked to write the entire song solo. Meanwhile, Leo Howard's biggest fan, 14-year-old Matt, is surprised to see Leo join him in a martial arts class specializing in a fake form of karate, Floating Swan. When Leo challenges the Sensei on which form is better – Floating Swan or Kicking Panther – Matt is recruited by Leo and gets a crash course in Kicking Panther before the battle begins.
5 "Adventures in Dogsitting" November 25, 2011 (UK) Raven Symone fan Jade meets her idol when looking after a dog. Summer goes to a fake flash mob dance audition held by Bella Thorne.
6 "Secret Agent" December 16, 2011 (UK) Allstar Weekend meet fan Stephanie when she looks after the phones at a fake talent agency. Twins Abigaille and Emily meet idol Bridgit Mendler at a fake environmental ad campaign.