Prank Pups is an animated short based on the series 101 Dalmatian Street.


Hugo, Clarissa’s human, is on the phone before tending to the Clarissa topiary. Dylan, wearing his space helmet, has been watching from the bushes, and when Hugo is grooming, he takes Hugo’s phone off the table, and then proceeds to glue it to the floor as a prank on Hugo.

Dylan hides back in the bushes just as Dolly arrives in time to watch Dylan call Hugo’s phone and the two pups laugh as Hugo tries to pick the phone off the ground. However, Dylan’s tears of laughter quickly fill up his helmet, affecting his breathing in there. Dolly is able to pull the helmet off, but it flies through the air and lands stuck to Hugo’s backside.

Dylan tries to pull the helmet free before Dolly charges in on her skateboard. This gets the helmet free from Hugo’s backside, but is now stuck on the human’s head. The human then trips on Dolly’s skateboard and is sent flying into a tree. Fortunately for Hugo, he is able to get back on the phone again, as Dylan retrieves his helmet.

Unfortunately, the helmet is cracked, and Dolly offers some of the glue to repair it…but causes the helmet to break into a thousand pieces, as Dylan glances at the audience.

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