Fear not, Giselle! I will rescue you!
―Prince Edward

Prince Edward is the tritagonist in Disney's 2007 feature film Enchanted. He is both voiced and portrayed by James Marsden, and is one of the only characters to be portrayed in live-action and animation.


Prince Edward was raised in Andalasia, to royal family, after his mother died, his father began dating Queen Narissa and they eventually married, making her the queen of Andalasia, but when his father died, she began fearing, that Prince Edward would get married, and she would lose the throne forever, making the young boy hunt down trolls with his servant Nathaniel.


Narissa: "Don't you think that's a bit melodramatic dear?"
Edward: "I don't know what 'melodramatic' means.""
―Narissa to Edward
Edward is handsome, brave but a little clumsy when he enters New York City. He is also somewhat slow. He is set on his goal to find and bring Giselle back home to get married and presumably live happily ever after. He is described by James Marsden as "very pure, very simple-minded and naive but innocently narcissistic."



When we're first introduced to Edward, he's an adventurous young man "hunting trolls" with his assistant, Nathaniel, to whom he confesses that he's actually tired of an active life and wants to settle down. After rescuing Giselle from a troll he declares that they "will be married in the morning". After Giselle is "banished" to New York, Edward follows with the intent of rescuing her but is unprepared for the urban environment of New York City. He threatens a construction worker believing the man has knowledge of Giselle's disappearance. He disrupts traffic by jumping atop a bus and "slaying" it with his sword (thinking it's a "steel beast", which leaves its driver in fury, which is an emotion rare to the citizens of Andalasia), refers to every citizen as a "peasant", gets hit by bicyclists when he breaks into song, mistakes a television for a "magic mirror", and misinterprets Pip's warnings about Nathaniel.

After finally finding Giselle, he's perplexed that she doesn't harbor the same feelings she had for him earlier but agrees to go on a "date" with her which ends with them going to the "King and Queen's Ball". However Narissa, Edward's stepmother appears from Andalasia and tries to kill Giselle. Edward finally learns of Narissa's true evil nature and threatens to take her back to Andalasia, put her on trial and strip her of her crown. After Giselle and Pip defeat the evil queen (who transformed into a dragon and made off with Robert, the man Giselle fell in love with) Edward goes back to Andalasia with Nancy Tremaine, a former fiancée of Robert, and they get married and are crowned king and queen of Andalasia.


  • He shares similarities with both Prince Eric and Prince Phillip as they both wanted to marry maidens who had beautiful singing voices.
  • He is the second prince to carry off his "true love" on a horse into the sunset. The Prince is the first.
  • James Marsden portrayed the role of Richard White in Superman Returns. While on top of the bus, there is a billboard advertising the film. His co-star Amy Adams is also known for her role as Lois Lane in Man of Steel and Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice.


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