Prince Hapi is a minor antagonist from Disney's 2004 movie, Around the World in 80 Days.

Role in the film

Prince Hapi is first seen playing a guitar-like instrument in his palace in Istanbul for some women belly dancers. Then, Prince Hapi sets his eyes out for Monique La Roche, whom he invited along with Phileas Fogg and Passepartout on their tenth day of their journey around the world in eighty days to his banquet in his palace by stopping their train with his guards' help. Too busy romancing with Monique, he finally focuses on Fogg by telling him not to touch or even point his finger at his most prized possession; a Rodin-like sculpture of himself sculpted by none other than "his pal," Auguste Rodin himself as a "Hapi Birthday" gift.

Next, Prince Hapi is seen having dinner while telling funny stories with the three travelers in a jacuzzi bath. After a small discussion, the travelers decide to leave but Prince Hapi refuses to allow Miss La Roche to join them; preferring her to be his seventh wife; much to the travelers' shock, confusion, and exact thought of ludicrousy. Phileas attempts to protest, but Prince Hapi states: "No more talk! Prince Hapi has spoken!" and his guards enter and force Fogg and Passepartout to leave at sword point.

As the two men make their way to the door, they drop their luggages and go for Prince Hapi's prized statue; either Monique leaves with the men or the statue gets smashed, forcing Prince Hapi to obey to their demands. Once Monique joins them, Fogg and Passepartout force Prince Hapi's guards to drop their swords and then, everyone including the prince himself into a tent. As Phileas Fogg soons begins to milk the demands, telling them to strip themselves of their clothes, the prince's statue's right arm accidentally breaks and when Phileas accidentally lets go of the rest, the statue falls and is completely destroyed.

As the travelers try to make a run for it, Prince Hapi and everyone who was with him in the tent come out and to the prince's horrified shock at the sight of the shattered statue, he orders his guards to seize and kill them. Once the travelers are out of the palace, they lock the entrance door using the broken statue's right arm. The prince is last heard ordering his guards to kill them as they try to open the locked doors and then, starts crying for the loss of his most precious statue.


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