The relationships of Princess Elena from Elena of Avalor


King Raul and Queen Lucia

Elena loved her parents very much and as the oldest children of the royal family, she was repeatedly mentored by both Raul and Lucia on how to be a ruler and bestowed the Scepter of Light and Amulet of Avalor. Their deaths greatly saddened Elena and she continues to remember and miss them fondly.

Part of her actions in the series is inspired by her parents. Elena took winning the Swordsman Tournament Cup seriously once she learned of Lord Elrod's cheating to defeat her and dedicated the victory to her honor. Learning Shuriki is alive immediately made Elena desire to defeat her and avenge her parents. Coming into contact with her is enough to remind her of it until she finally kills her hated enemy once and for all, finally allowing Raul and Lucia to be avenged.

Princess Isabel

Elena and Isabel were extremely close in their childhood and up to Elena's adulthood. They had a lot of fun together until Shuriki attacked Avalor and in order to protect her and the rest of their family, Elena bravely faced Shuriki to buy time for Alacazar to put them inside their painting. They were very happy when they were reunited.

However, ever since Elena became the Crown Princess, their relationship becomes slightly more complicated. At times, her royal duties forces her to abandon Isabel and focus more on it, even once when she promised to help her, at which Isabel was furious and coldly told her to go away and gave her a cold shoulder when she came back. Despite this, Elena would always try her best to put Isabel above her royal duties and Isabel appreciates it, reconciling any strain between them. Elena can at times gain strength from seeing Isabel in danger, as shown with Shuriki and Orizaba, both which allowed her to neutralize the threats.


Close to her grandfather, Elena also received lessons on how to be a leader from Francisco when she was young and she continues to do so as the Crown Princess. Although she may at times ignore his advice, he bores no ill-will and would gladly accept her apologies and continue to give her kind words of wisdom.


As close to her grandmother as she is with her grandfather, Elena admires her sharp attention for details to the point of allowing her to be a member of the Council for it.


Naomi Turner

Elena and Naomi quickly became best friends after she helped save Isabel. Elena repeatedly defends her whenever Esteban shows disapproval of her actions as a member of the Council.