Princess Katharine is a character from the Disney animated TV show, Gargoyles. She is the granddaughter of Malcolm I of Scotland through his third son, Prince Malcolm, and Princess Elena.



Upon her father's death, she became the lord of Castle Wyvern during the 990's. She was at first prejudiced against the gargoyle clan, thanks in part to her father using them as bogeymen to make her behave, and also due to the advice of the Magus and general prejudices of the time. However, after Goliath saved her from Hakon, she finally realized the error of her ways against the gargoyles. She felt more guilty how she had treated them upon learning the rest of the Wyvern Clan had been destroyed and the remaining gargoyles had been turned to stone. She vowed and promised Goliath to protect the clans' unhatched eggs as her way of making up for how she had treated them in the past.

Fleeing the now-abandoned Wyvern, Katharine, the Magus, and Tom traveled to the castle home of her uncle, King Kenneth II, who welcomed them and the eggs with open arms. Unfortunately, this arrival placed them into the midst of a political struggle, as a devious lord of Kenneth's court, Constantine, assassinated the king and usurped his throne. He had then planned to cement his claim by marrying Katharine. If she refused, he intended to destroy the eggs.

Katharine and the Avalon Clan, with the help of a local princess Finella, escaped Constantine and fled to Avalon, their last area of sanctuary. The eggs hatched and she raised them on Avalon as her own children. During her time on Avalon, she fell in love with Tom, the guardian of the eggs.

Eventually, Katharine and Tom married and raised the Avalon Clan's gargoyles as their children. The Archmage attacked and she, along with the remaining members of the Avalon Clan (and Goliath, Elisa, and Bronx), defended Avalon, leading to the Archmage's destruction.


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