Principal Fetchit is a character from the 2005 Disney animated feature film, Chicken Little. He is the principal of Oakey Oaks Middle School.

Role in the film

Principal Fetchit is not physically seen, though only his shadow is shown outside his office where he talks to Chicken Little's father, Buck Cluck about the inappropriate things he did at school earlier, while Chicken Little sits in his office. He is never seen again throughout the film, not even when the aliens restore Oakey Oaks.


  • His last name is a pun on "fetch it", a term whenever a person throws an object for their pet dog to retrieve the object back to them.
  • He is somewhat similar to Principal Mazur from A Goofy Movie. Aside from being voiced by the same actor, they are both school principals who question the protagonists' parents about the actions their children did.

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