Principal Peststrip
Principal Peststrip (Jeff Bennett) is a character in The Buzz on Maggie. He is the principal at Buzzdale Academy.


Peststrip is a strange principal, and is always after Maggie so he can nail her. Peststrip adores Maggie's brother Aldrin, because he is the best player in Buzzdale's Football Team.


Peststrip has three poodle pet germs.


Maggie Pesky

"Do to her what you've done to my lounge!" —Peststrip to his poodles. As mentioned before, Peststrip is after Maggie so he can nail her, because of her mischievous behavior. In "Radio Free Buzzdale", Maggie helped Peststrip to get a few "wanted" criminals, and in return Maggie would get her own radio show.

Mrs. Wingston

Peststrip sometimes seems to have a crush on Mrs. Wingston.


↑ The Buzz on Maggie episode: "The Candidate" ↑ The Buzz on Maggie episode: "Training Days" ↑ The Buzz on Maggie episode: "Scum Bites"

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