Principal Takes a Holiday is an American television film that aired on ABC's The Wonderful World of Disney anthology series. The film premiered on January 4, 1998 and stars Kevin Nealon, Zachery Ty Bryan, and Jessica Steen. It was directed by Robert King, who also wrote screenplay.


John Scaduto (Zachery Ty Bryan), a troublesome high school senior makes a deal with his parents that he will not get into anymore trouble until he graduates to receive $10,000 gift from them. However, when his principal Frank Hockenberry (Kurt Fuller) is involved in an accident in a prank that he planned, he finds a homeless man named Franklin Fitz (Kevin Nealon), to act as the acting principal to keep his parents and every one else none the wiser. While acting as principal, Frankiln falls for Celia Shine (Jessica Steen), a fellow teacher. Meanwhile, Peter Heath (Rashaan H. Nall) a new student, gets involved with John's plan in order for John to help him get a date with his crush Roxanne (Emmanuelle Chriqui).


  • Kevin Nealon as Franklin Fitz
  • Zachery Ty Bryan as John Scaduto
  • Jessica Steen as Celia Shine
  • Rashaan H. Nall as Peter Heath
  • Kurt Fuller as Frank Hockenberry
  • Ellie Harvie as Miss W. Fassle
  • Laurie Murdoch as Vice Principal Ralph Calder
  • Emmanuelle Chriqui as Roxanne
  • Carlos Jacott as Oliver
  • Bill Nye as Science Teacher
  • Walter Marsh Dr. Vernon Baxter

Home media

The film was released on VHS on August 15, 2000.


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