Priyanka Chopra is an Indian film actress and singer-songwriter who is one of the well-known celebrities in India as well as one of Bollywood's highest-paid actresses, and was also the winner of Miss World in 2000. She had roles in Hindi films, such as Roma in the Don series, Jhilmil Chatterjee in Barfi!, and the title character in Mary Kom. She also played Victoria Leeds in the 2017 remake of Baywatch.

For Disney, she voiced Ishani in the 2013 animated film, Planes, along with other media that the character has appeared in, such as Planes: The Video Game. She also played Alex Parrish in the ABC TV show, Quantico. Additionally, she also plays Kaa in the Hindi dub of The Jungle Book.[1]

Disney Roles



  • Chopra has stated in an interview with Calcutta's The Telegraph that she had to use a real Indian voice when voicing Ishani, so that it is not exaggerated. Additionally, she stated: "The closest I could come to being a Disney princess, I think, was Ishani."[2]


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