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Professor Ludwig Von Drake is a 1961 Disneyland Records album performed by Paul Frees as Ludwig Von Drake from NBC's Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color.

Track listings[]

Side 1[]

  1. I'm Ludwig Von Drake (Richard M. Sherman-Robert B. Sherman)
    • Soloist: Ludwig Von Drake
  2. The Spectrum Song Richard M. Sherman-Robert B. Sherman)
    • Vocalist: The Colorful Ludwig Von Drake
  3. The Green with Envy Blues Richard M. Sherman-Robert B. Sherman)
    • Solo by: Elvis Von Drake
  4. It Gets You Richard M. Sherman-Robert B. Sherman)
    • Señor Ludwig Von Drake

Side 2[]

  1. Von Drake Variations on "The Blue Danube"
    • Maestro Ludwig Von Drake and Ensemble
  2. Professor Von Drake discourses on Sound Recording and takes you on an adventure in an Echo Chamber
  3. An Operatic Version of a Theme from Cinderella
    "The Magic Song" (Hoffman-Livingston-David)
    (Professor Von Drake takes you behind the scenes at an actual recording session)