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Psycho-Bot is a giant robotic scorpion-like creature invented by Willem Viceroy. His first appearance is in "The Ninja Identity" and his destruction is shown in "The Ninja Supremacy". Psycho-Bot is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.


Unlike Viceroy's other inventions, Psycho-Bot is able to analyze and learn from its surroundings. Not only can it learn how to counter attacks it is also able to learn human emotions and feelings. This makes it one of the most sophisticated and advanced pieces of technology Viceroy has invented thus far. It is also able to repair itself after it got major damage from Randy

Due to its ability to learn emotions, it becomes vulnerable to the Sorcerer's stank because Howard humiliates it when he has to fill in as the Ninja. After getting stanked it traded its solid metal body for one made of an unknown liquid metal, making it pretty much invulnerable to all forms of attack. It is finally taken down when Randy destroys its emotion chip, which destanks it, and finally short circuits it in the waters of the Van Dam.


  • Psycho-Bot is the first robot to be stanked in the show.
  • Psycho-Bot is the first robot defeated (but not destroyed) by a ninja that wasn't Randy.
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