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I have a really good feeling about this.
―Purl, on working at B.R.O. Capital

Purl is the titular character from the 2019 SparkShorts short of the same name.


Purl is an anthropomorphic ball of yarn who is hired to work at the B.R.O. Capital office. At first, she was declared a failure for non-professional behavior at the office until she decides to dress up as an office worker in order to become serious and have the same outfits the office workers wear. At the end, she allows an anthropomorphic ball of yarn named "Lacy" to work at the office, which opens up B.R.O. Capital with yarns and humans working together.



Purl first appears when an officer worker named Drew gives her an I.D. badge for B.R.O. Capital. Excited about getting a job for B.R.O., she sits at a desk and unpacks her belongings most of them made of yarn. Looking at the office workers chatting with each other, she laughs at the joke one of them told to the two as she tells a joke towards the trio of office workers. Unhappy that the trio never found her joke funny, she becomes upset and kicks her "I'd rather be Knitting" mug in frustration. During a staff meeting, an office worker named Trudy discusses in front of a group of office workers about Purl's failure in not being a good office worker in B.R.O. Capital. Telling the group of workers listening to Trudy, they tell Purl to become more serious in working at the office.

As the group leaves the office, Purl feels upset about herself and goes back to herself preparing to quit her job. Looking at the pictures of the B.R.O. Capital Team employees, she decides to privately dress herself up as a business worker in order to be serious to which the workers don't recognize her appearance. Telling the workers another joke, Trudy tells the workers about Purl's success in the office for her formal appearance where she talks in front of the group again as the group leaves the office to get chicken wings at Swifty's. Purl spends a night out with the office workers until the next day, she and the workers discover an anthropomorphic yarn named "Lacy" that looks just like her, still carrying a box of belongings. As Lacy looks at the group, Purl looks at her name tag, noting that Lacy looks just like her in her original appearance before she wore a business outfit as she introduces herself to Lacy, also introducing her to the group.

The next day, B.R.O. Capital becomes different as Purl (who returns to her original appearance) has brought in anthropomorphic yarns to work at the office, causing humans and yarns to work together as life in B.R.O. Capital has changed ever since Purl introduced herself to Lacy.

Other appearances

Purl makes a cameo in Turning Red as a figurine in Mei Lee's desk.


  • Purl's office worker outfit bears a striking resemblance to Anger from Inside Out.
  • Purl is the only yarn person that doesn’t have an eyelashes. Bizarrely, all the other yarn people(or some of them) have eyelashes.
  • Her name refers to a stitch commonly used in knitting. Her name fits the aforementioned titular character, as knitting is often done with wool.
  • Purl's real gender is female, due to the character referred to with feminine pronouns and feminine voice, but she doesn’t have eyelashes.