Q’aráq (pronounced "Croc") is the main antagonist of the Roaring Rapids attraction at Shanghai Disneyland.


Haunting the legends of the Arbori tribe, Q’aráq roams the waterways and caverns of Apu Taku, the Roaring Mountain, ferociously lunging at any travelers trespassing on its domain. Because of this, the Arbori have given the creature the title of "Guardian of the Waters" and revere it for its role in protecting the endless flows of water from Apu Taku's peaks. In the Roaring Rapids attraction, guest rafts flow through the beast's cave, seeing a massive shadow moving along one of the cave walls. After going down a dark drop, the beast is revealed perched on a rock, snapping its massive jaws at the rafts and roaring, though the rafts make a quick escape.

As a mythological creature in the Arbori's pantheon, tribal artwork of Q’aráq can be seen throughout the land in carvings and cave paintings. He also appears amongst the celestial animal spirits in the queue for Soaring Over the Horizon, though in a more mundane crocodilian form.



  • Q'araq resembles a prehistoric crocodile called Kaprosuchus.
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