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"Quarreler's Pass" is the first segment of the twenty-fourth episode of Amphibia. It aired on August 1, 2020.


Hop Pop drops Sprig and Polly off at an obstacle-filled mountain trail designed to help them get along.


As they make it halfway through their journey, Anne and Hop Pop comment on how glad they are to almost be to Newtopia with one minor hiccup, Sprig and Polly's constant bickering. Wishing that they can just have a moment of peace, Hop Pop sees a sign for Quarreler's Pass, a split road to let people go off and vent their frustrations. He kicks Sprig and Polly off and tells them that they will meet back up when the roads rejoin. Anne gives them her phone and tells them to call her if they get in trouble, only to remember after the fact that she only had the one phone. As Sprig and Polly begrudgingly head off on their own, Anne and Hop Pop enjoy their moment of quiet, only to find it awkward which makes Anne even more nervous when Hop Pop begins to pester her about having a potential boyfriend.

Sprig and Polly find themselves at a log bridge and try to cross over the spiky gorge. After remembering a similar incident, they decide to use the same method of crossing to get to the other side. They make it as their spirits lift and begin to successfully navigate Quarreler's Pass. After coming across a false exit, they see a cave labeled "THIS WEIGH ALSO GUD" which they assume is another test and head inside. The cave becomes cramped and Sprig and Polly once again get into another argument. They find a split and go their separate ways until each one comes across what looks likes one giant Olm. They both end up in a cave of bones and realize that they are up against a giant two headed olm named Lysil and Angwin who plan to devour them.

Sprig and Polly hide within a crevice and out of Lysil and Angwin's reach who both begin to bicker amongst each other. Sprig and Polly comment on how annoying it is, only to realize that that was how Anne and Hop Pop were feeling about them. They put their differences aside and exploit Lysil and Angwin's blindness by perfectly mimicking their voices (having previously shown this ability back at the fwagon). Sprig and Polly escape just as the cave begins to collapse. They make it back to the fwagon to see an incredibly stressed out Anne listening to Hop Pop talk about getting into a relationship. When he tries to involve them in the conversation, they kick him off the fwagon.



  • This episode reveals that Anne is somewhat reluctant to talk about her potential love life.
  • Sprig and Polly are revealed to have a talent for perfect vocal mimicry.
  • Olms are typically found in the water, much like Axolotls, and do not need to eat anything for a decade. It is possible that Lysil and Angwin have been living in the cave for much longer, hence their need to feast.

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