Queen Anne is a character in Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World. She is the queen of England and wife of King James.


Princess Anna Frederiksdotter "Anne", was a Danish princess and the youngest daughter of King Frederick II and Queen Sophie of Denmark. Though a disappointment to her father who had hoped for a son (similar to Elizabeth I, daughter of King Henry VIII of England by Anne Boleyn, his second queen), Anne grew up in a close knit family thanks to her loving mother.


Queen Anne is portrayed as being kind, gentle and compassionate. However, it is known that the historical figure was far different.

Physical appearance

Queen Anne is portrayed quite accurately as a typical Scandinavian beauty, with blonde hair and blue eyes, much like her historical counterpart.

Role in the film

As the beautiful daughter of the late King of Denmark, Anne married King James of England in 1589, at a very young age, bearing him seven children (who do not appear in the film); three of them survived infancy, including the future Charles I. Although the marriage was arranged, the two were in love.

In the film, she is very kind, level-headed, and is usually able to help her husband calm down when he was about to lose his temper, much like Mary Darling.



  • Anne is very calm and opposed to her short-tempered husband. She is much like Queen Leah and Mary Darling.
  • Queen Anne is one of very few Disney characters to be based on a well known historical figure.
  • The real Queen Anne was quite different to the character, being frivolous and self-indulgent.

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