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Queen Anne is a character in Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World. She is the queen of England and wife of King James.


Princess Anna Frederiksdotter "Anne", was a Danish princess and the youngest daughter of King Frederick II and Queen Sophie of Denmark. Though a disappointment to her father who had hoped for a son (similar to Elizabeth I, daughter of King Henry VIII of England by Anne Boleyn, his second queen), Anne grew up in a close-knit family thanks to her loving mother.


Queen Anne is portrayed as being kind, gentle and compassionate. She showed herself to be considerate, empathic, (as she kindly welcomed Pocohantas when she saw how nervous the young woman was) and more reasonable and understanding than her husband, whom she could (usually but not always) convince to see reason. However, it is known that the historical figure was far different.

Physical appearance

Queen Anne is portrayed quite accurately as a typical Scandinavian beauty, with blonde hair and blue eyes, much like her historical counterpart.

Role in the film

As the beautiful daughter of the late King of Denmark, Anne married King James of England in 1589, at a very young age, bearing him seven children (who do not appear in the film); three of them survived infancy, including the future Charles I. Although the marriage was arranged, the two were in love.

In the film, she is very kind, level-headed, and is usually able to help her husband calm down when he was about to lose his temper, much like Mary Darling.

When she is first seen, Governor Ratcliffe is reporting in that his attempt to arrest John Smith for treason (which was a lie as Ratcliffe was the real traitor regarding events in Jamestown, but because of his friendship with King James, he was able to convince the King of his innocence), John Smith fell to his death in a canal, angering James as he wanted John Smith brought in alive for questioning. Ratcliffe pushes James to declare war on the Powhatan Nation, but Anne urges her husband to wait until John Rolfe returns from Virginia with the Indian Chief before making a final decision. When Ratcliffe still urges for war, James compromises with his wife and close friend: Ratcliffe can prepare the Armada, but they will wait for Rolfe to return with the Chief so that James can meet with him before making a final decision.

When Rolfe does return later, he reveals he brought the Chief's daughter with him instead. Vouching that she had proven herself intelligent and civilized when he met her and would be worth speaking to as an envoy for her father, Rolfe ends up having to bring Pocahontas to the Hunt Ball to meet with James and Anne in person thanks to Ratcliffe. If Pocahontas proves herself civilized, the Armada will not sail. If she proves herself to be as savage as Ratcliffe described her people, the Armada will be deployed. When Pocahontas arrives at the Hunt Ball the following night, dressed regally and addressed as "Princess Pocahontas" as she approaches the thrones, when Anne notices Pocahontas paralyzed with fear and anxiety over meeting her and King James, she assures Pocahontas with a reassuring, friendly tone that she is happy to meet her and welcomes her to England. This eases Pocahontas so she can formally introduce herself, but while Anne is more than happy to meet her, James is still hesitant thanks to Ratcliffe's influence. During the banquet following the dance, as Ratcliffe shows off the entertainment and has Pocahontas take part at one point, Anne is unimpressed, suspecting Ratcliffe had an ulterior motive. Her concerns are justified when Ratcliffe unleashes a bear-baiting for the guests, knowing full well Pocahontas would not approve of the torture of a bear who can't fight back and defend itself. As a result, unable to stand by and watch, Pocahontas comes to the bear's defense and accuses James of barbarianism. Under Ratcliffe's encouragement, an enraged James orders Pocahontas and her escort from her father, Uttamatomakkin, arrested and taken to be imprisoned and possibly executed come dawn, ruining Rolfe's chances of peaceful negotiations while James declares war on the Powhatans and gives Ratcliffe the go-ahead to prepare the Armada to depart the next day.

However, as James and Anne hold court the next day, Pocahontas surprises them when she shows up in the parliament chamber, back in her Native American clothing, to speak with James again for a peaceful resolution. With Uttamatomakkin having already subdued James' sentries, Anne encourages her husband to listen to Pocahontas and hear her out. Once Pocahontas explains that if James wants war, her people will fight to the last man to defend themselves, leading to heavy casualties on both sides, Anne, having known all along herself, accepts that the so-called "gold" in Virginia doesn't exist, startling and leaving James uncertain of what to do next. When John Smith then appears to prove everything Ratcliffe told James was a lie, James is left completely floored and unable to come to a decision. Under Pocahontas' encouragement to listen to the voice inside himself and how she only speaks the truth, James accepts that Ratcliffe has betrayed the crown and must be brought to justice, but Anne warns that the Armada is about to depart any second to return to Jamestown to attack the Powhatans. James immediately sends Pocahontas, John Rolfe, and John Smith to stop him. They succeed, and when Ratcliffe returns to shore, an infuriated James is waiting to arrest him for high treason, dissolving their friendship and stripping Ratcliffe of his position as Governor. As a result, King James pardons Pocahontas as an apology for being misled by Ratcliffe, grants John Smith a ship to sail the world with, and also promotes John Rolfe to Lord Advisor to the Royal Court, which Rolfe declines as he decides to return to Jamestown with Pocahontas.



  • Anne is very calm and opposed to her short-tempered husband. She is much like Queen Leah and Mary Darling.
  • Queen Anne is one of very few Disney characters to be based on a well known historical figure.
  • The real Queen Anne was quite different to the character, being frivolous and self-indulgent.

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