Queen Regina Clarisse Renaldi is the deuteragonist in The Princess Diaries and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.


Not a lot is known about Clarisses past except, she married her first husband King Rupert Renaldi through an arranged marriage and had 2 sons : Philippe (Mia's father) and Pierre.

Clarisse never really approved of Helen (probably because of her commoner status) and it was highly assumed by Mia that she was the reason why her parents divorced. She knew that Philippe was ready to be king.


The Princess Diaries

Clarisse visits San Francisco to contact her granddaughter, Mia and tells her that she is the Crown Princess of Genovia.

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

As Mia turns 21, Clarisse is helping her prepare to become queen. However, during a session with the Genovian Parliament, Clarisse (and Mia, who is spying) learns that Mia cannot become queen unless she is married.


Clarisse is almost entirely different from the Dowager Princess Clarisse in the books. Both do share two qualities: they are very strict and care about Mia.

The novel version of Clarisse is a smoker, manipulative and brutally critical of Mia mostly because of her love life, although she does comfort Mia at one point in the first novel by telling her a story about when she was a girl and had been picked on by a girl named Genevieve. According to Clarisse, Genevieve was just like Lana Weinberger (who was renamed Lana Thomas in the film), who used to torment Mia (until she had a change of heart in a later book). The film version of Clarisse is portrayed as a non-smoker, and is also the polar opposite of her book counterpart, being more nicer and more gentle.


  • In the books, Clarisse is the mother to the reigning prince (Mia's father), serving a similar role to a queen mother. However, in the films, her son is dead and she serves as a regent queen, only ruling the country until Mia comes of age and can take over Genovia.


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