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Oh, goodness. I think my arm will fall off if I wave that baton one more time.

Queenie is a one-shot character who appeared in the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers episode, "Risky Beesness". She is a royal queen bee, voiced by Sindy McKay.


One day, when she was doing her royal duties, Queenie heard loud music. While she alone couldn't stand the sound, the rest of her swarm became hypnotized. Just the thought of losing her swarm made her woozy and faint, and it just so happened that she landed on top of Zipper while he was sunbathing. Zipper was suddenly lovestruck. After Zipper helped Queenie up, she asked him if he had seen her swarm. Knowing that this was an emergency, Zipper took Queenie by the hand and flew her off to Ranger Headquarters.

Once Queenie had met up with Chip and Dale, she explained the problem. Of course, being a queen, she wasn't used to "common" things such as water, ragweed, or a cramped space on the Ranger Plane. When the Rangers encountered Queenie's missing swarm, Queenie was delighted to see them and promised to forget about the whole thing if they returned to the hive. But the swarm was still under hypnosis and attacked the Ranger Plane, bursting the balloon and causing the vehicle to land in a trash can. The swarm then robbed a music store and hijacked a pickup truck. With the Plane trashed, the Rangers hitched a ride on the truck, which finally stopped at a bug exterminating company.

There, they found who was responsible for Queenie's swarm becoming hypnotized, a scientist for the bug extermination company named Irwina Allen, who was more interested in becoming a rock-and-roll star over her current job, so she created a device that entranced Queenie's swarm to do as she commanded as she planned to upstage the band set to perform that night, which was Dale's favorite band, to jump-start her rock-and-roll career. Despite best attempts by Queenie and the Rescue Rangers to stop Irwina, even after she arrives at the venue and suits up in her queen bee outfit, with Queenie even trying to sing to her swarm to break the trance and return them to normal, Irwina traps Queenie and Zipper in a saxophone while taking the rest of the Rescue Rangers hostage in the bass drum for the drum set as she attempts her rock-and-roll debut, having Queenie's swarm force the audience to stay and watch Irwina, lest they want to face the consequences if they refuse, like being stung.

However, Zipper is able to free himself and Queenie, rescue the other Rescue Rangers, and ruin Irwina's plan by playing a loud guitar riff in her ears causing her helmet with her device to be knocked off her head and destroyed. With it gone, Queenie snaps her swarm back to their senses and orders them to attack Irwina in revenge for manipulating them. Obeying their true queen bee, the swarm take their vengeance on Irwina and chase her off before returning to apologize to Queenie for what happened and escorting her back to their hive, leaving Zipper heartbroken.

However, as a final gift of thanks for Zipper's help, Queenie has her swarm form a heart formation in the air to show Zipper she's still grateful for all his help.



  • Many of the bees in her hive resemble Spike and Buzz-Buzz from the classic Donald Duck cartoon shorts from the 1940s and 1950s.

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