"Quiet Please" is the first segment of the fiftieth episode of Big City Greens.


When the Greens visit the library, the librarian threatens to throw them out if they make a sound.


Cricket is watching TV while Tilly is reading a book. Bill enters and takes notice of Cricket's lazy appearance and suggests that he get his mind off watching TV and read a book just like Tilly. Cricket claims that he cannot comply as he does not think that a book can stimulate his brain as well as TV usually does. Gramma Alice enters, revealing that she too loves books and with her and Tilly's encouragement, Cricket decides to try to get into reading. The Greens head to the Big City Library and Bill immediately catches Cricket having brought a backpack full of toys. As they enter, they run into the Librarian, who displays an almost other worldly personality, and threatens the Greens. Should they make any noise whatsoever, they will be kicked out. Tilly resolves this by suggesting that they speak in sign language, though she is the only one who speaks it fluently while the rest of the family make similar motions.

Tilly and Alice collect books from their respective favorite genres for Cricket to browse through. Cricket looks through Alice's collection of murder mysteries, but thinks they are too long. He then looks at Tilly's collection of fantasy adventure books, but finds them too descriptive and uninteresting. After he accidentally makes an elderly lady laugh and kicked out of the library, Bill offers that Cricket follow him upstairs during which Cricket accidentally drops a Blego brick (a Lego like toy). Bill introduces Cricket to the Lil' Abe books, but Cricket cannot keep his attention focused. He gives up and heads downstairs, but steps on the Blego brick and screams in pain, alerting the Librarian. Cricket manages to evade her due to Alice's interference with her hearing aid which apparently deters the Librarian.

Bill and Tilly find Cricket and they decide to leave, only for Cricket to step on the Blego again. The Librarian gathers her fellow workers to hunt the Greens with Alice using her hearing aid to deter them. While running, Cricket discovers a graphic novel called Bear Cowboy and immediately takes an interest in it. His giggling alerts the Libarians who surround Cricket. Bill screams to alert them away and he is beaten up and kicked out. Cricket, Tilly and Alice leave afterwards and learn that Bill has been banned from all libraries world wide. They nevertheless celebrate Cricket's success at finding and book and scream in delight. The episode turns out to be a story read by the Librarian who shushes the audience.



  • The episode title shares its name with a Tom and Jerry cartoon.
    • It also shares its name with a Rugrats episode.
  • The episode features the characters speaking in American Sign Language. To make it authentic, the writers consulted with ASL experts Delbert and Jevon Whetter and Justin Maurer.[1]
  • The plot of the episode is similar to the Be Cool Scooby-Doo! episode "Be Quiet, Scooby-Doo!", where Mystery Inc. has to stay quiet as possible so they don't break the noise sensing crystals in Crystal Canopy.
  • Chris Houghton stated that this particular episode somewhat confirms that Cricket has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Throughout the episode Cricket genuinely tries to get into reading, but strugges trying to focus to the point that he is emotionally crippled by it.[2]
  • This episode reveals that Alice loves books.
  • Bill for some reason cannot pronounce the word "library", he does not realize that their is a first "r".
  • Blegos are of course a reference to Legos.
  • The strict librarian resembles Ms. Bitters from Invader Zim and has a similar personality to the librarian from Monsters University, but her personality and mannerisms are similar to the aliens from A Quiet Place.
  • When Cricket accidentally activates the toy rocket ship and holds it up, only to get attacked by the librarian, it resembles the opening scene from A Quiet Place when the youngest child is killed by the aliens.
  • Murder She Did: A Hardy Boyle Thriller, is a reference to both Murder She Wrote and the Hardy Boys.
  • Some of the movie titles from the episode "Rated Cricket" appear on the DVD rack including Kiss of Death and My Big Fat Funeral as well as Constellation Battles from "Clubbed". Some of the new ones include:
    • Harry Cauldron was seen in "Rated Cricket", but now two separate titles are present with the subtitles and the Stone of Ice and and the Door of Secrets, which are references to and the Sorcerer's Stone and and the Chamber of Secrets.
    • Woah Mama! has been renamed It's Mama Time!
    • A new Croblins movie called Croblins Take Baltimore is seen, possible a reference to The Muppets Take Manhattan.
    • A callback to "Times Circle" is seen with America Rat Returns Again, as a reference to the Captain America movies and The Affiliates, in reference to The Avengers.
  • This is the second time the Greens are banned from some place after Sea Fusion from "Fill Bill", but this time, only Bill gets banned.
  • The fourth wall is broken at the end when the camera zooms out to show a story of the same episode read by the librarian.
  • Moral: It's best to stick to things your style.



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