Rachel McGuire is a character in Boy Meets World. She is mentioned in an episode of the sequel, Girl Meets World.

Character Information

Rachel is a girl that suddenly appears in Jack's and Eric's lives, and they agree to let her live with them after a fight with her boyfriend. The boys then begin to compete for the right to date her, but later realize that their friendship might be too important. Rachel becomes a good friends to Angela and Topanga and is one of the bridesmaids on Topanga's wedding.


Series Info

  • Moved in with Eric and Jack who, unbeknownst to her, began competing for her affections.
  • Began dating Jack during his emotional breakdown following his father's death.
  • Believed she caused Chet's death, as she gave him cake right before he passed. Eric then referred to the cake as 'The Cake of Death'
  • Broke up with Jack after Eric told her of their initial competition.
  • Topanga and Angela became her roommates when they moved into the apartment, displacing Jack and Eric.
  • Gave the apartment back to Eric and Jack, as the three girls moved into a dorm, where Rachel became the RA.
  • Faced a crisis where she felt like an outsider in The War & Seven the Hard Way.
    • Walked out of the room, but Eric went and retrieved her.
  • Joined the Peace Corps with Jack following her graduation.
  • Once had a stuffed rabbit named Bunny Baby, but was shredded to pieces when a young Rachael slips the wrong switch in the kitchen to see its "bunny hole" instead made it start spinning and leaving only chunks and fabric.
  • Keeps in touch with Eric. No longer in contact with Jack. (Girl Meets World).

Alternate Personalities

  • Young Rachel (And In Case I Don't See Ya)
  • Future Rachel from Texas (Seven the Hard Way)
  • Gumshoe's Secretary (As Time Goes By)
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