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The Radio Disney Music Awards (RDMA or RDMAs) were an annual awards show which was operated and governed by Radio Disney, an American radio network. Beginning in 2001, the show was originally broadcast only on Radio Disney, but later began being televised on Disney Channel from 2013 onwards.

Radio Disney ceased operations on April 14, 2021, after switching to automated programing on January 1 of that same year. Since then, the network has made no statement about the future of the awards.


The awards honored the year's achievements in music, mainly in the teen pop genre, and are awarded based on popular vote from the network's listeners via online voting. The trophy awarded to a winner is known as the "Golden Mickey", a gold-colored statuette with a silhouette figure of Mickey Mouse donning headphones. Before 2014, the ceremony was not televised beyond commercial interstitial segments for Disney Channel to promote their sister radio network. As of the seventh annual ceremony on April 26, 2014, the ceremony began to be televised in full a day after a tape delay, as the network attempts to compete with Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards in airing awards programming.

Awards events

Year Location Performers
2001 Audio-only recording at Radio Disney studios
Burbank, California










2007 N/A
2008–2012 N/A


Microsoft Theater
Los Angeles




2018 Dolby Theatre
Los Angeles
2019 CBS Studio Center
Los Angeles

Award categories


  • Best Female Artist
  • Best Male Artist
  • Best Group
  • Best Song/Song of the Year
  • Best Song to Dance
  • Best New Artist
  • Best Style/Best Stylish
  • Fiercest Fans
  • Best Crush Song
  • Best Song from a Movie or TV Show
  • Best Band
  • Favorite International Artist


  • Best Music Video
  • Best Crush Song
  • Best Breakup Song
  • Best Acoustic Performance

Special awards

Year Award Winner Details
2013 Youth Service Award Mary Dawson For her charity work
2014 Hero Award Shakira For her charity work
2014 Chart Topper Award Ariana Grande For her performance on the charts
2014 Show Stopper Award R5 For their sold out shows on Louder Tour
2015 Hero Award Jennifer Lopez For her charity work


Most nominations

Artist Number of Nominations
Hilary Duff 25
Lindsay Lohan 16
Vanessa Hudgens 15
The Cheetah Girls 13
Avril Lavigne 12
Miley Cyrus 11
JoJo 10
Austine Mahone 9
High School Musical cast 8
Zac Efron 8
R5 7

Most wins

Artist Number of Wins
Hilary Duff 14
Miley Cyrus 7
Avril Lavigne 6
The Cheetah Girls 6
Selena Gomez 5
Aly & AJ 4
Taylor Swift 4


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