Rainforest District is a district for all of the rainforest mammals in the city of Zootopia from the 2016 Disney animated feature film Zootopia.


The Rainforest District is a moist environment, as its name suggests. Filled with waterfalls, lush floral life, and varying elevations, residents of this district live in places as high as the canopy or as low as the district's river. The tops of the trees feature a sprinkler system to simulate constant rainfall, which also helps water the plants below. Because of the district's spacious interior, transport comes in the form of highways and gondolas stretching across the forest while aerial vehicles such as blimps travel in the spaces between these lanes.

Places of Interest

  • Manchas' Treehouse - The home of Mr. Manchas, accessed by a bridge.
  • Gondola Lifts - Aerial transportation from the Rainforest District into Savanna Central.
  • Cliffside Asylum - A hidden asylum located on the outskirts of the Rainforest District, operated by Mayor Lionheart, and accessed through a prohibited roadway tunnel.


  • In earlier versions of the story, the Rainforest District was the home of Nick Wilde.[1]
  • When Judy and Nick are approaching the bridge to Manchas' home, a traffic sign reads "Tujunga". This is a reference to the leaky warehouse employees of Walt Disney Animation Studios had to work while the studio underwent renovations.[2]



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