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You don't want to upset my buddy, here.
Pulaski warning a tourist not to anger Rake

Rake is Pulaski's assistant, and a minor character in the 2014 Disneytoon Studios animated feature film, Planes: Fire & Rescue.


Official Description

Assistant fire officer and structural engine compatriot, Rake is always at Pulaski's side. He is aware of the immense responsibility of keeping the park's buildings protected and is always watchful for potential danger.[1]

Physical appearance

Rake is a yellow forklift who has blue eyes. On his sides are blue stripes with white borders and an insignia of the Piston Peak Fire Department initials. He also wears a blue helmet, which has the number 3 painted in white on the sides, the fire department's logo on the front, and a visor attached.


Rake has a way of keeping tourists at Piston Peak National Park safe from wildfires. He can also get angry if people make cutsies.


Planes: Fire & Rescue

In Planes: Fire & Rescue, Rake makes his first appearance with Pulaski at the Grand Fusel Lodge's grand reopening party, as Cad Spinner and the Secretary of the Interior get informed by them that no one will need to worry about anything at the moment.

Rake is then seen getting coffee at the lodge the following day, and overhears Cad making an argument with Maru about that the tourists will need to evacuate due to a large wildfire. Cad keeps refusing Maru, Pulaski and Ol' Jammer's requests while he is in the middle of unveiling his lodge, but the tourists soon see the fire and start to evacuate. Rake and Pulaski make sure that the planes are taking off well, and inform them to stay safe. While a biplane struggles to start her engine, another plane impatiently gets in front, but is warned by Pulaski to not make cutsies, otherwise it would anger Rake.

Rake, along with Jammer and the Secretary, then makes sure the cars are exiting the park safely, while Pulaski uses his fire hose to prevent the fire from spreading. However, the wind shifts, causing the sparks to light the building on the exit. To make matters worse, Pulaski's hose gets damaged by a fallen tree. Luckily, the Air Attack team come to put the fire out, so that the tourists can proceed.

Some time later, Rake arrives at the firefighters' base with Pulaski, Jammer and André, informing that Jammer had been put in charge of the park by the Secretary following Cad's selfishness. They then travel to Propwash Junction to hear an inspector named Ryker reopening the town's airport with Dusty Crophopper being hired as a second firefighter, and later attend the annual Corn Festival to watch Dusty and the Air Attack team perform in an air show.



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