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―Their moan and the only word they say

The Ralph clones are the climactic final antagonists of Disney's 2018 animated feature film, Ralph Breaks the Internet. They are the viruses created by Arthur after scanning Ralph's insecurities.

Physical appearance

The Ralph clones look exactly like Ralph, except that they have more of a red hue and circuit lines across their body. Afterwards, they take on the appearance of a gargantuan Ralph made entirely of Ralph clones.

Powers and abilities

The Ralph clones mention the word "friend" simultaneously as their goal to have Vanellope while crashing the Internet at the same time. They would later morph the clones into a giant version of Ralph called the Ralphzilla, in hopes of crashing the Internet and having Vanellope to itself. It even proved to be extremely strong as it was able to tear down buildings on the Internet, even easily capturing Ralph and almost trying to kill him if Vanellope hadn't intervened.

Role in the film

After Arthur created them, the mindless Ralph clones were sent on a rampant search for Vanellope. Upon realizing what was happening, a remorseful Ralph decided to take action by luring the Ralph clones into an antivirus software (with the help from Vanellope, KnowsMore, and Yesss).

Unfortunately, they caught wind of this and assimilated the Ralph clones into itself, growing into a gigantic version of Ralph to capture Vanellope and climb up the Google Tower to keep her there. Ralph tries to stop the Ralphzilla from doing any further damage, but this only incites an angry Ralphzilla to grab Ralph, intending to crush him to death with its fist. However, Vanellope begs the Ralphzilla to spare Ralph by promising to be its friend.

Before Vanellope could submit herself to the Ralphzilla, Ralph calls out to the Ralphzilla for its selfish possessiveness towards Vanellope, and that it would be best for both of them to let Vanellope make her own decisions. This revelation is what touched Ralphzilla to finally let Vanellope go and reconcile her friendship with Ralph, thus resolving Ralph's insecurities for good.

With Ralph's insecurities finally resolved, the Ralphzilla happily accepts its fate of being deleted from the Internet, exploding into a bright light before dissipating from existence. Ralph would later be rescued by the Disney Princesses, and the Internet is rebooted back to its normal state.



  • The scene where Ralphzilla grabs Vanellope where it climbs up the Google Tower is a nod to the classic movie monster, King Kong. Historically, Donkey Kong received a lawsuit for using the "Kong" trademark without permission from Universal Studios about the classic King Kong film; the Donkey Kong character later served as an inspiration for creating the Wreck-It Ralph character.

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