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You do need a paint job, man! Ramone will paint you up right.

Ramone is a supporting character in the Disney/Pixar Cars franchise. He owns an auto body shop in Radiator Springs which is called Ramone's House of Body Art which is across the street from Flo's V8 Cafe. Flo is his wife. Between scenes in Cars, he would completely change the paint on his body due to lack of work in town. His basis is a 1959 Chevrolet Impala low-rider.


Official Description[]

A true artist isn't afraid to take chances, explore new ways to express themselves or push the limits of culture. Ramone believes that the automotive body can be a vehicle of expression, which is why every day for Ramone is a new chance to explore new paint jobs and push the limitless boundaries of his art.

Ramone owns and operates Ramone's House of Body Art, Radiator Springs' custom body and paint shop. Ramone is an artist and a true magician with paint and metal. There was a time when his only canvas was himself, so he repainted himself daily. But since Lightning McQueen helped put Radiator Springs back on the map, Ramone has had his share of customers - including the star race car himself. Before heading off to the World Grand Prix, Lightning stops by Ramone's for a new paint job, and Ramone gives him a whole new look, even adding a spoiler to him.


Ramone is is kind and loyal, and is always willing to paint anyone in need. He sometimes is cocky where he brags mainly about his hydraulics. Ramone is also willing to paint himself in different colors, instead of his livery stay in one color all the time. However, when his paint job gets scratched or ruined, Ramone can get very angry for having his hard work damaged.

Physical appearance[]

Ramone is based off a 1959 Chevy Impala Lowrider. He is constantly painting himself, so his livery is frequently changing, though Ramone is most often depicted in his purple paint job, due to him spending the majority of the first film with that color, and most merchandising lines release him with that color scheme.



One night, while Ramone spends time at his wife's café with Sarge and Fillmore, they hear a strange noise coming down the street where they witness rookie racecar Lightning McQueen arrive in Radiator Springs while being pursued by Sheriff after getting lost on the Interstate. When McQueen starts driving out of control after crashing into a barbed-wire fence, Ramone and his friends manage to safely move out of the way, only for Ramone to nearly get his paint job scratched by McQueen, much to his anger. Ramone then watches McQueen accidentally destroy the town's road by dragging the statue of the town's founder, Stanley with him. Ramone then watches Stanley's statue fly off into the air before it lands back on its proper place.

When McQueen is taken into trial the next day, Ramone goes to the courtroom where he angrily yells at McQueen for scratching his paint job, saying " I oughta take a blowtorch to you, man!" When Sheriff addresses the court, Ramone raises himself up where Luigi calls him a show-off. Ramone watches the town's judge, Doc Hudson arrive and orders for McQueen to leave town immediately upon seeing he is a racecar. When the town's attorney Sally Carrera arrives, Ramone greets her and listens to her speech about the history of Radiator Springs. When Sally speaks to his wife, Flo about having gas in her café, Ramone laughs with Mater until Sally tells them to cut it out. Ramone supports Sally's decision to have McQueen fix the road where he is then sentenced to community service.

Presently, while McQueen starts his work, two travelers named Van and Minny arrive in Radiator Springs. Ramone tries to offer them a paint job and shows them his undercarriage, which frightens the couple that they decide to leave town. Ramone sadly watches them leave as Sally informs everyone that the two cars will inform their friends where the town is now. Shortly, however, McQueen, who is determined to get his work finished in time to get to his big Piston Cup race in California, uses his maximum strength to pull the town's road-paving machine quickly, but it only makes the road worse, not pleasing any of the townsfolk. Ramone then watches Doc challenge McQueen to a race at Willy's Butte in the chance to earn his freedom. When Doc doesn't start the race with McQueen, Ramone asks Doc what he is doing and then watches him leave with before witnessing McQueen fall into a cactus patch, giving the victory to Doc. Ramone with Sarge, Fillmore, Flo, and Mater watch McQueen scrap off the tarmac where Ramone offers to give McQueen a new paint job, only to be declined.

The next day, Ramone, painted in a sparkly green color, sees a section of the road finished where the tarmac is so smooth enough that Ramone and Flo decide to take a cruise on it. While McQueen gets back to work on the rest of the road, Ramone is cleaning a house's fence, while being observed by his wife who is impressed by his work. The following day, Ramone comes by his wife's café, now wearing a yellow paint job where he is admired by his wife. When McQueen suddenly arrives and reveals Doc used to be a famous racecar, neither of the townsfolk, Ramone included, believe him where Ramone says that Lightning may need a new coat of poly. Yet, Ramone and the others watch Sally take McQueen for a drive where Ramone chuckles at the thought of Doc once being a famous racecar, which unknown to everyone, a regretful Doc overhears. Later, in the day, as Ramone paints yellow broken tabs on the road, he sees a stampede of tractors heading straight towards him and Red. Ramone panics as the paint is still wet and moves out of the way, where Red honks his horn and sets the tractors loose. Ultimately, with Mater's help, the tractors get rounded up.

Surprisingly, on the day, Ramone and the others wake up to find that the road is finished and there is no sign of McQueen. Ramone becomes sad, thinking McQueen had already left town and notices Sheriff crying, even though the latter tries to deny his sadness. However, McQueen reveals he did not leave, making Ramone and the others overjoyed. Ramone watches Lightning get new tires at Luigi's Casa Della Tires and then gives McQueen a new paint job at his shop where McQueen presents his new look to Sally. As all the of the stores' neon lights are revealed to have been fixed when they turn on, everyone parties and takes a cruise, including Ramone going on a cruise with Flo. However, the press and McQueen's transporter Mack suddenly arrive due to being informed by Doc on McQueen's whereabouts and take him away to prepare him for the final Piston Cup race. Sad to see McQueen go, Ramone and his friends go back to their homes and turn off their lights.

Regretting his decision, Doc informs everyone of his past of being a racecar and to make it up, he takes a handful of most of the citizens, Ramone included, to the Los Angeles International Speedway to be part of McQueen's pit crew during the race, while Sally, Red, and Lizzie stay behind to watch it on TV. Ramone paints himself in a red color complete with a lightning bolt to show his support for McQueen. Their arrival and presence encourages McQueen to continue and do well in the race as he was struggling beforehand. With a backward lesson learned from Mater, a fast pit stop from Guido, and the use of an old trick taught by Doc, McQueen takes the lead and is just about to take the victory when all of a sudden, Chick Hicks, fed up of being in third all the time, rams The King off the track and sends him into a horrifying crash. Seeing this, McQueen screeches to a halt and helps The King cross the finish line. Ramone cheers and congratulates McQueen for his sportsmanship and heroism. Later on, McQueen moves his racing headquarters in Radiator Springs, putting the town back on the map where Ramone is now able to give paint jobs to cars while continuing to spend time with his friends.

Cars 2[]

Ramone appears to have replaced Doc Hudson for the repair of cars since Doc passed away.

In the movie, Ramone greets Lightning McQueen when he comes to town. He also helps the lemon, Otis get fixed up. He then later sees Lightning off at the airport. He returns in London with a paint job resembling the United Kingdom flag. He also helps Lightning and Mater fight the lemons by spray painting Tubbs Pacer in the eyes.

Cars 3[]

He was seen along with fellow Radiator Springs residence when McQueen announces to them that he would continue racing along with his sponsors inviting him over to their new state-of-the-art training center. Ramone helps regains McQueen's racing colors (previously he was primer-coated after his near-fatal crash), which he proudly dubbs it "Thr Sistine Chapel on Wheels". He is seen at the final race in Florida along with the rest of the Radiator Springs residence and Smokey, Doc's former crew chief, who is coaching McQueen, when McQueen decides to give Cruz her chance to fulfill her dreams by letting her race on his behalf, he manages to paint McQueen's racing number along with some other custom racing colors on Cruz in an extremely short time frame.

Cars on the Road[]

Dino Park[]

In Cars on the Road episode, Dino Park, Ramone appears a the Flo's V8 Café when the Radiator Springs residents were talking about Mater's sister and he calls McQueen to have a new paint that Lightning has in the show.

Disney Parks[]

Ramone appears in Radiator Springs Racers where he gives the guests who enter his shop a new paint job and wishes them luck in the race. He also gives out the safety precautions in Spanish at the start of the ride.


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  • Ramone is modeled after a 1959 Chevrolet Impala low-rider.
  • His license plate is LOWNSLO. On his tires is written in Gothic writing "Low N Slow." Both are references to his catchphrase, "Low N' Slow."
  • According to The World of Cars Online, the name of Ramone's dark green paint job is "Grass Green," the name of his blue paint job is "Blue Sky," and the name of his "Mellow Sunset" paint job is renamed to "Yellow Mellow".
  • Ramone has the habit to refer to himself in third person, a trait he shares with Francesco Bernoulli and Luigi.
  • Ramone has various paint jobs, but in the Cars 3 credits he has his old paint job back.

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