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―Randy Cunningham

Randall "Randy" Cunningham is a 9th-grade student, and the Norrisville Ninja at Norrisville High, and the main protagonist of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja.


Randy is an average teenager who tries to fit in and be cool at school. There are many times where he tries doing risky things that could possibly get him into a lot of trouble, like busting Bash's party ("House of 1,000 Boogers"), spitting into a volcano ("Monster Dump"), and using the Ninja powers to fix a science project ("Dawn of the Driscoll"). Often he forgets that his actions have consequences, which can accidentally or purposely result in major problems for himself and the people around him. As time goes on, though, he realizes when the situation is his fault and takes responsibility to fix it as much as possible.

He is apparently not very smart, as seen in especially science class, or he could just be lazy. Despite his ignorance, he is quick-witted in ninja situations, creating techniques, and normal life situations.

He can be inconsiderate, impatient, and a bit bossy like his attitude with the NinjaNomicon, but is a loyal friend and has the heart of a hero, the perfect ideals of a Ninja. He also keeps his promises, for example, when Howard asked him to promise to stay in the locker for 10 seconds and he did even though Howard farts and closes the locker door. Howard can be troublesome and rude, but fortunately Randy is usually forgiving with Howard's actions. He can treat Howard unfairly or uncaring at times, like saying Howard did not have any understanding of having a duty, but he does his best to make it up, and works hard at balancing their friendship and his job as the Ninja.

When Randy gained the mask and became the Ninja, he thought it was butt-kicking and hitting, but discovers it is very hard fighting against robots and monsters, and soon gets used to it. He becomes quite serious with the job, which strains and sometimes nearly breaks his friendship with Howard. Ever since he became the Ninja, he becomes more mature bit by bit in each episode with the proverbs he learns and understands from the Nomicon.

He's very polite, grabbing Howard's trash so he doesn't litter, opening doors and letting others go first, and usually speaking to adults with respect "Sir, Mrs. and Etc.", he also became embarrassed when almost saying blind to ward, possibly out of fear of offending him.


Physical appearance

Randy is very slim built compared to his best friend Howard. Randy is also somewhat taller. He has natural tyrian purple hair and his bangs hanging over his face with a long lock of his hair center on his face and sapphire blue eyes. Comparing his appearances without a shirt in "Got Stank?" and "Ninja Camp", he seems to have gained some muscle, probably because of his ninja duties.


Randy is always (except as ninja) seen wearing a red McTop with a white line that curls up to form the same symbol which is found on the cover of the NinjaNomicon and the Ninja Suit. He also has a greenish-gray McHoodie with wavy sleeves and pockets, black McSkinnies that fit very well with the rest of his outfit, and he is seen wearing purple zip-up McKicks like Converse-style sneakers.

Powers and abilities


Randy runs fast, he usually running to school when he's late.

Fighting Style as the Ninja

Not much about Randy's fighting style is known, but there are clues hinting that he might be a freestyle fighter, using almost everything around for his own advantage in battle, like using a shovel to hit the robot and using the force of a new robot to counter the killer potatoes in "Attack of the Killer Potatoes". He also uses bells to fight Bucky Hensletter in "Got Stank". He heated a Robo-Ape using a convenient microwave option for Robo-Apes in "Gossip Boy".

Randy also has many Ninja weapons in his arsenal, including the Ninja Sword, smoke-bombs, chain sickles, and many others. His scarf has proven to be a helpful object as well, good for grabbing objects. Although ninjas are known to use stealth for their advantage, Randy does not seem to use this skill much but has proven to be able to do it. The Nomicon holds a section of "Forbidden Knowledge of the Shadow Warrior", which holds the ability of the Art of Healing, which Randy learned in "Dawn of the Driscoll", and possible future skills like the Art of Flying, the Art of Telepathy, the Art of Invisibility, and the Ninja Comet Sprint. After Randy threw the Ninja Mask in a fire to save Howard from the Tengu, he gained Ninja Rage, which he can now use fire-based powers like the Tengu Fireball. The online game Punchocalypse also has a Cold Ninja Rage, which gives him ice-based powers, so it can be assumed that Randy might earn this skill eventually.

Randy also has a very strong willpower. This was show several times as he resisted the possession of the Chaos Pearl when he held it despite it nearly taking over him when he used it to fight and almost kill Evil Julian while wearing the Ninja Suit at the time. He also resisted the Chaos Pearl he had when it literary controlled his dreams putting him in a dream-loop until he broke out of it.


Randy is at least intelligent and clever enough to figure out what meaning lies behind the advice of the Nomicon, in part to his ability to figure out riddles. Many times, though, he has proven to think of plans and actions on his own whether he's fighting or trying to achieve something, like defeating the Blob Monster with lava from a volcano, stopping zombies by starting a vomit chain reaction, and even shooting a clock with a pencil eraser to change the time. Not always are his choices and actions the wisest, however, and sometimes he can cause greater problems, varying from on accident to on purpose. His grades in school are not very high, but it may be because he is lazy and does not care, or just not good in those subjects.


Randy also has a very strong willpower. This was show several times as he resisted the possession of the Chaos Pearl when he held it despite it nearly taking over him when he used it to fight and almost kill Evil Julian while wearing the Ninja Suit at the time. He also resisted the Chaos Pearl he had when it literary controlled his dreams putting him in a dream-loop until he broke out of it.

Physical Capabilities

Although the Ninja Suit dramatically INCREASES Randy's physical attributes,

he often proves he's quite physically capable. In "Night of the Living McFizzles" he proves strong enough to kick a door of its hinges, and lift Howard into the air with one hand. He's also able to carry Howard, and drag him across the floor with one leg in "Randy Cunningham and the Sorcerer's Key". In "The Tale of the Golden Doctor's Note" he shows he is very fast and agile, able to avoid the death traps in the old gym. He is also noticeably faster than Theresa, able to quickly over take her and pull her along when he started running in "Sorcerer in Love 2: The Sorceress's Revenge" Likewise he seems to have a very impressive stamina, as he was able to constantly travel to and from his HOUSE without even seeming tired upon arrival, in "Last Stall on the Left".

Gaming Skills

Randy is highly skilled at playing video games and he spends a sum amount of time at the arcade, along with HOWARD. He currently has the most high SCORES in Greg's Game Hole, only losing one title to Howard, which he purposely allowed to achieve the high score in order to save the town from a giant robot. Despite this skill, it is mentioned several times that Howard had beaten him in Grave Puncher.

Musical Skills

Randy can play the keytar as seen in "30 Seconds to Math". He played his keytar during a rehearsal in the closet of the school and used during the battle of the bands. It was used briefly at the end of "Hip Hopocalypse Now" when performing with Rudd Rhymez and his rap posse. His keytar was used once again during a flashback in "Silent Punch, Deadly Punch" when he was rehearsing with Howard and it was seen as well in "Bring Me The Head of Ranginald Bagel!" It was used once more in "Unstank My Hart" both in rehearsing for their gig in Greg's Game Hole and defeating a stanked Levander Hart. Randy is also a pretty good singer, but he briefly had stage fright about rapping in the episode "Hip Hopocalypse Now". A electronic musical keyboard can be seen in his room are well, implying that he is able to play it as well.

Dark Magic

When Randy had a Chaos Pearl with him he was able to preform powerful dark magic. One of his abilities was to see another Chaos Pearl location through his, create a force-field (he created it too late), and use his power ball to control the residents of Norrisville when they drank the infected water. He was also able to fire lightning bolt-like energy blast that easily overpowered Evil Julian, cause an earthquake when they were fighting underground, levitate Evil Julian while blasting him, and almost killed Evil Julian by overloading his power ball. Despite wearing the Ninja Suit, which protects him from being stanked, it didn’t protect him from the possession of the Chaos Pearl, making his eyes glow green, and making him more reckless that endanger Howard.

Notable Possessions

Ninja Suit


The Ninja Suit is the suit that possesses all the power that Randy uses to defeat robots and stanked students. Before Randy relieved the suit by the previous Ninja, he knew almost everything about it because he was a big fan of the ninja.


The NinjaNomicon is Randy's guide to everything about being the ninja. When he first received it he was unsure of its worth, but he quickly learned always to trust and respect it. The only disagreement Randy has with it is regarding Howard. The NinjaNomicon suggests that the ninja should not have a friend. When it glows or when Randy is in a situation, The NinjaNomicon offers advice or proverbs which Randy usually does not understand immediately, but later see what it means.

McFist Industries' Products

As Randy states "We are McFist men from head to toe". Randy may be such a big fan of the products either because it is just popular, or that he finds that there is something good about it. In "McFists of Fury", he stated that as the ninja he is boycotting the merchandise but as Randy he will be first in line to buy it.

Grave Puncher Series

Randy is a big fan of Grave Puncher. He has posters of it covering all of the walls in his room. He and Howard completed the first three games together and were working on the fourth.


English Language Arts

Not much is known about his relationship with writing. The only time he is seen in ELA is in "Last Stall on the Left", where he gets a B for his torn-up piece of paper because he used a good metaphor. His ELA teacher is Mr. Bannister, who may give him a hard time.


Randy is said to be failing science in the episode "Attack of the Killer Potatoes". He seems to be getting bad grades in science for all the different projects they do. Mrs. Driscoll, his science teacher also sees him as a naughty student which may lower his effort grade. He does not actually seem to have a hard time with science, but he is just too lazy to work hard for a good grade.

Physical Education

Randy may not have too much trouble with the gym, but his gym teacher Coach Green has a harsh and crazed way of teaching which certainly scares him.


Randy does not do very well in Spanish because the only words he knows are foods such as: agua (water), taco, quesadilla, salsa, habanero, burrito, and tortilla.



Randy dreams about normal things like being popular, everyone knowing his name, and looking brave.


Toward School

Randy finds himself bored in class, but most likely enjoys the social parts and field trips.

Toward Being the Ninja

Randy thinks of it as awesome in the beginning but quickly learned that it was not an easy task. For Randy it is hard for him to still be friends with Howard because of his task.

Towards Bullying

Randy does not show signs of any form of hatred towards it but simply takes it as a normal thing that happens all the time. He thinks Bash is a schoob, but he does not want him to find out.

Toward Romance

Randy does not seem to think much about romance, probably in part due to being busy as a best friend, a student, and the Ninja. In "Sorcerer in Love", he pretends to be concerned that he and Howard did not have dates, which ends with them laughing about it. Sometimes, he even finds it horrific. For example, in "Stank'd to the Future", when Dickie and Miss Zingwald kissed, Randy shows disgust and leaves. Mrs. Driscoll's love towards the bones of Mr. Driscoll also creeps him out. On occasions, he has flirted with other girls, like Theresa and Debbie in "Night of the Living McFizzles", and girls he passed by in "Viva El Nomicon".

However, Randy has shown interest in a few girls so far. During "Sorcerer in Love", he was attracted to Amanda because of her beauty. Later, though, he discovers she is the Sorceress and that she was using magic to control the boys of the school. Sometimes, whenever Theresa is around, Randy shows signs of having feelings for her, like in "Night of the Living McFizzles", "Der Monster Klub" and "The Ninja Identity". He thinks she is attractive and good-smelling and rarely treats her badly. In "Sorcerer in Love 2: The Sorceress' Revenge" he blushes when she grabbed his hand and allows her to hold his hand for a certain amount of time. In "Shloomp! There It Is!", Randy is shown to be well aware of the fact that Theresa likes him, evidenced by the fact that he immediately knows how to destank her by apologizing and giving her a bouquet of roses (indirectly as the Ninja). Besides that moment, he has not done anything else with his crush on her yet.



While talking, he uses a lot of supposed slang (made up for the show), some of which include wonk, what the juice, bruce, the cheese, shnasty, etc.


For breakfast, he eats McFistios and for lunch, he eats the cafeteria food at Norrisville High.

McFist Industries Merchandise

He often uses McFist's products from McFist Industries like McKicks, McTighties, McTops, McSkinnies, McHoodies, and even McFistios.


Howard Weinerman

Last Stall on the Left - Victory Pose.png

Randy and Howard are best friends. Randy ends up telling Howard about his secret ninja identity somewhat by accident in the first episode. Although the NinjaNomicon tells Randy that the ninja should not have a friend, Randy does not listen. The two friends do have some fights but no matter what the condition they seem to forgive each other. It always seems to be Randy who does something wrong, like in Monster Drill when he laughs at Howard, or in 30 Seconds to Math when he keeps on being the ninja and leaving Howard to fight the Robo-Apes. It is shown that Randy cares for his best friend very much, risking his life on one occasion (Ninja Camp) and sacrificing the Ninja Mask in order to save Howard from the Tengu (Evil Spirit Week).

Mrs. Marlene Driscoll

Mrs. Marlene Driscoll never really notices Randy, but she keeps on failing him, and she does not seem the least bit concerned about his class average, which suggests that she is not a very good teacher. Yet in the episode "Monster Dump", she pairs Randy up with Bucky to make sure he does not go to the volcano. In "Dawn of the Driscoll", Randy accidentally revives Marlene's husband Jerry Driscoll. After Randy returns her husband to normal, she gives Randy and Howard a C after Mr. Driscoll nearly kills Howard. Randy seems to see Mrs. Driscoll a little crazy and freaks out every time she and Mr. Driscoll's skeleton kiss.


In the episode, "The Tale of the Golden Doctor's Note", Randy has sympathy for Julian and teams up with him to get the note. Otherwise, Randy feels that Julian is creepy, and he is not the only one to think that.

Bucky Hensletter

In the episode, Monster Dump, Randy is paired with Bucky by Mrs. Driscoll. He persuades Bucky to go with him to the volcano, where he can find undiscovered types of silt. Bucky falls for the idea but later discovers that Randy was just using him to achieve his goal of spitting into the volcano. He apologizes to him but Bucky leaves with Flute Girl and Howard. The three of them are later captured by the mutated monster thrown inside the volcano by Jean Lavine. As the ninja, randy saves Bucky and prevents them from getting detention by showing up on the bus before his name is called for attendance. However, in Attack of the Killer Potatoes, Randy calls Bucky a brown noser for laughing at Mrs. Driscoll's puns about their grades.

Flute Girl

Flute Girl does not think that Randy and Howard are very smart. She called them idiots after they spit into the volcano and took a picture of the event. She was also saved by the ninja when they were captured by the monster in Monster Dump and thanked him for the rescue. In "McFists of Fury", she got annoyed that Randy and Howard didn ot know Brawn Brickwall's name in the History Pavillion. He also saved Princess Tootie (Flute Girl's instrument) after monster Bucky who was stanked by the Sorcerer threw it at the ninja.

Hannibal McFist

McFist was originally Randy's hero and idol. Unfortunately in "McFists of Fury", he found out that his role model was actually responsible for the robots that tried to get rid of the ninja. He did not expose McFists' dark secret to the public, possibly fearing that no one would believe him. He said that as the ninja he is boycotting buying McFist's products, but as Randy Cunningham he will still be first in line to get them. Randy seems to be nervous when meeting Hannibal out of his Ninja attire and often strings large suspicious sentences together if he has to talk to him, despite the fact that he still thought that McFist's stuff was cool.

Willem Viceroy

Viceroy is the one responsible for making the robots that attack the ninja. Despite that fact, Randy helps Viceroy on occasion and the other way around. In Monster Dump, he saved Viceroy's pet Nicholas in exchange for Viceroy to take a vacation from helping McFist try to destroy him. In Dawn of the Driscoll, Randy used Viceroy to help him defeat Jerry Driscoll before he could destroy the world. Randy was somewhat annoyed that Howard dressed up as Willem Viceroy instead of dressing up as the first half of the cow, which Viceroy found amusing.

Heidi Wienerman

Heidi is Randy's best friend's sister. He got upset when she did not remember his name properly after he and Howard agreed to judge the talent show in "So U Think U Can Stank". He stated that he has known her his entire life. He probably noticed that it is best if she does not notice him, since if she found out that he is the ninja she would most likely reveal that on her show, like in "Gossip Boy" when Howard almost told her that Randy was the ninja. He also spat his drink on her and she did not get angry or perhaps did not even notice. In the episode "30 Seconds to Math", he gave her the guitar Robo-Apes stole from her and left Howard by being the ninja right before their performance in order to help her. Heidi attempts to keep Randy and Howard inside the house during Grave Puncher: The Movie! and later gets the blame when trying to explain the situation. Feeling guilt, Randy takes the blame on to Howard and himself, earning respect for Randy from Heidi, but she still manages to deliberately mispronounce his name, much to his annoyance.

The Sorcerer

Randy did not know about the Sorcerer's existence until the NinjaNomicon explained it to him in "So U Think U Can Stank". The only relationship Randy really has with the Sorcerer is being the villain's arch-enemy. He has not yet seen him on the show but encountered his Stank many times and even tried chasing the stank but failed because the pipe is quite small. They finally meet face-to-face (but not in person) in "Raiders of the Lost Nomicon".

Theresa Fowler

Randy, who usually does not care much about romance, seems to have a crush on Theresa whenever she is around, treating her with kindness and respect. Although his crush on Theresa is not as huge as her crush is on him, Randy seems to be aware of her feelings and does genuinely care about her. In "So U Think U Can Stank", Randy destanks Theresa, assuring her that everything is going to be alright afterward. He wants her to see him in good light, and either blushes or reacts with surprise when she grabs his hand, so having to tell her that he's not a hero in "Sorcerer in Love 2: The Sorceress's Revenge" frustrates him, even though he knows it is the only way for her to let go of his hand. To destank her, Randy, like the Ninja, apologizes for ignoring her and flirting with Heidi (while his body was under NomiRandy's control) and gives her flowers in "Shloomp! There It Is!". In "The Brawn Also Rises", when Randy and Howard make a video about them hunting a "chuck-acabra" and claim it as real, Theresa admires the video and asks Randy for a picture. When she takes a selfie with a flustered Randy, she squeals in delight then leaves. She later finds Randy and Howard again trying to expose Brawn Brickwall as a fraud. When the pair do and Randy claims he's no longer "inglorious", Theresa corrects him; amused that he wasn't aware of the word's definition. Brickwall's humiliation leads to him being stanked, and when Randy ninjas out it leaves Theresa surprised and disappointed. The result has Brickwall destanked when Howard claims the video is a fake and blames the idea on Randy, causing Theresa to angrily approach Randy to which he responds to a sheepish apology that Brickwall had said earlier to apologize for his lies. Theresa is annoyed and charmed by this calling Randy infuriating and playfully hitting his shoulder and walks off looking back once and sighing romantically.

Debbie Kang

Randy tried to impress Debbie and Theresa by saying that he was not scared during the Whoopee World Frightacular. She seemed embarrassed to ask him if he could walk them home and Randy said that he would be delighted. She also ended up holding his hand when she got frightened. She developed a temporary crush on Randy but quickly recovered by the next episode. In "Viva El Nomicon", she was shown to be annoyed by the fact that Randy and Howard did not know proper Spanish during class. Randy, like the ninja, asked for her help when he needed to defeat a Mexican Death Bear, which was attacking the school.

Coach Green

Coach Green is Randy's physical education teacher. He somewhat frightens Randy with his crazy and dangerous ideas of improving gym class and making it more fun. Due to this Randy joins Julian and Howard on an adventure for the golden doctor's note in "The Tale of the Golden Doctor's Note" to excuse himself from participating in the physical activities. Randy seems to be athletic, partly due to being the Ninja but is often shown to be terrified of Coach Green's crazy plans.


In "True Bromance", Randy cannot remember her name. In Let the Wonk One In Randy asks Rachel to help fight the Halloweenja on Halloween with cute stuff. In Ninjafan Randy see Rachel wrote a song for the Ninja after her song Randy loved it in return for saving her life of appreciation. Later she has been Stank by the Sorcerer for mean things and Randy wrote a song for forgiving his thoughtlessness to destank her.


In "Shoob Tube",


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  • Randy's voice actor Ben Schwartz stated in an interview that he pitches his voice to do Randy.
  • Originally, Randy was supposed to be a ginger, as seen on the show's Tumblr.
    • Instead, his ginger hair color ended up being used in Howard's final concept, as he was originally meant to be dark-haired.
    • It has been revealed that Randy's hair is naturally purple, not dyed in "Secret Stache".
    • Randy's personality and design were drastically different in the pilot appearing like Shaggy Rogers from the series Scooby Doo, and acting much more mature but constantly anxious.
    • Also, Randy was supposed to have freckles on his face.
  • He and Howard have appeared in every episode.
  • His spiky hair may be a reference to Kamina from Gurren Lagann and Mega Man Volnutt.
  • Randy has been mauled by a cat twice, once in "Shoob Tube" and a second time in "McOne Armed and Dangerous".
  • He can play the keytar as seen in "30 Seconds to Math". (This is another characteristic he shares with his voice actor Ben Schwartz.)
  • As shown in "Ninjafan", Randy is able play a ukulele. Furthermore, an electronic keyboard can be seen in Randy's room, implying that he can play it as well.
  • He is a pretty good singer.
  • He claims to be good in solving riddles and was able to solve the puzzle leading to the doctor's notes in "The Tale of the Golden Doctor's Note".
  • Apparently, he has a shnasty zone where he has sights in his head he wishes to get rid of (as of "Gossip Boy").
  • Randy is an excellent actor as shown in "Enter the Nomicon."
    • Randy tends to use a deep heroic-y voice when talking to people as the Ninja. In contrast, sometimes, he forgets to use this voice in the heat of battle or panicking.
  • Randy's favorite color is red.
  • He lives in a suburban house in Norrisville.
    • Only his room, Bucky, Bash, Rachel and Howard have been seen on the show so far.
    • In "Ball's Well That Friends Well" Randy moves next door to Howard.
  • Only his room, Bucky's, and Howard's have been seen on the show so far.
  • The last name Cunningham is most popular in London, England.
  • In "When Howie Met Randy" Randy was six years old with the year being 2005, implying that Randy was born on the year 1999.
    • According to Howard in "The Ninja Identity," Randy chipped his tooth when he was seven on Howard's book, and that their parents still do not know it happened.
  • In "Monster Drill" he learned how to respect others and do the "Air Fist" properly.
  • Randy's favorite food is fries.
  • He was first seen wearing a suit in "Silent Punch, Deadly Punch".
  • The first time he used the Ninja Rage was in "Silent Punch, Deadly Punch".
  • He can write in cursive.
  • It is confirmed on the show's Tumblr that Randy is somewhat ambidextrous, although he mostly uses his right hand.
  • His left eye closes much slower then his right.
  • It is possible that Randy has synesthesia disorder, which is why he sees colorful doodles.
    • Also he has symptoms of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).
  • As shown in "McFear Factor," Randy has alektorophobia, the fear of chickens and roosters.
    • Throughout the series, Randy is seen crying only once, when he stresses himself out by scaring himself by stating disturbing facts about chickens and roosters while being surrounded by them.
    • In contrast, Randy was laughing at freeing the chickens while learning "Ninja Air Fist."
  • He is not very good at lying, as seen in "Fudge Factory" when Howard called him a "truth-wad", although he seems to have improved as he convinces Howard of many lies in "Space Cow-Bros".
  • He has stage fright about rapping in "Hip Hopocalypse Now".
  • Very little has been revealed about Randy's family, but it is confirmed in "Stanks Like Teen Spirit" that Randy has more than one parent, although he's never mentioned his father, though he has mentioned his mom a few times throughout the series.
    • It's unknown that Randy's mom is a single parent.
  • In the online Disney XD game Hero Trip, Star Butterfly from the series Star vs. the Forces of Evil calls Randy a "ninja hottie".
  • He has a slight New York accent, (his voice actor, Ben Schwartz was born in the Bronx), which might also explain why NomiRandy has a Boston accent, as some people believe that the two accents are opposite.
    • Randy tends to use a deep heroic voice when talking to people as the ninja, although sometimes in the heat of battle or when he's panicking he forgets to do this.
  • He's shown to be very good at controlling his emotions, best example of this is "Club Ninja-dise" when he was able to calm himself within 5 seconds, then 3 the very next scene, this is most likely due to his ninja training and generally not being an emotional person.
  • The boys lockers often switch around but the placement remains the same, Howard and Randy's lockers are always on the staircases side.
  • In "Let the Wonk One In" his house is shown on his street, where Rachel's house lives on Randy's street.
  • A lot of the fans think Randy, Danny from Danny Phantom and Jake from American Dragon: Jake Long are alike and have many things in common like dark, spiky hair, only their friends and some family knowing about their alter ego, fighting evil, and usually NOT being the popular kids in school. Because of this, a lot of fans wrote fanfictions and drew fanart that included all three of them and called them the "Secret Trio".
  • As revealed by Julian, Randy's real name is Randall.
  • Randy's suit's design looks similar to that of Strider Hiryu, a ninja assassin from a video game called Strider.
  • Randy's is the first character on the show to break the 4th wall.
  • Before Ben Schwartz was cast, James Arnold Taylor was one of the original choices to voice Randy.

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Season Two: "Flume-Igation" • "On the Poolfront" • "Welcome Back Catfish" • "All the Juice That's Fish to Swim" • "Julian's Birthday Surprise" • "True Bromance" • "Unstank My Hart" • "Whoopee 2: The Wrath of Whoopee 2" • "M-M-M-my Bologna" • "Everybody Ninj-along" • "Fudge Factory" • "Best Buds" • "Otto Know Better" • "Brolateral Damage" • "Let the Wonk One In" • "The Curse of Mudfart" • "Shoot First, Ask Questions Laser" • "Ninjception" • 'Happy Hanukkah, Howard Weinerman!" • "Snow-Klahoma!" • "Randy Cunningham's Day Off" • "Bro-ing Down the House" • "Living in Shooblivion" • "McNinja - Brought to You by McFist" • "Mastermind of Disastermind" • "The Brawn Also Rises" • "Debbie Meddle" • "Aplopalypse Now" • "Rorg: Hero of a Past" • "Mort-al Combat" • "Wonkin' for the Weekend" • "Ninjafan" • "When Howie Met Randy" • "Bro Money Bro Problems" • "The Three Mascot-teers" • "Escape from Scrap City" • "Space Cow-Bros" • "The Fresh Principal of Norrisville High" • "The Prophecy of Hat Sword" • "Fake Fight for Your Right to Party" • "McCluckerbusters" • "Let Them Eat Cake Fries" • "Club Ninja-dise" • "To Smell and Back" • "Big Trouble in Little Norrisville" • "Winner Takes Ball" • "Ball's Well That Friends Well"

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