You never have to be afraid.
―The Prince

Rapunzel's Prince is one of the six tritagonists from the film, Into the Woods. He is loosely based on the Prince from the tale Rapunzel.


Rapunzel's Prince is a dashing and eager young man who courts Rapunzel. Quite the opposite of his older, thrill-seeking brother, he genuinely cares for Rapunzel and remains faithful to her. Even after being blinded by the Witch, he doggedly continues to search for his beloved, eventually reuniting with her in a dense swamp deep within the woods. After he regains his sight, he takes Rapunzel home to the castle where his brother lives with Cinderella. When the giant shakes up the castle, Rapunzel runs away and her prince runs after her. He eventually finds her with the Witch, and he says that the Witch is the one who blinded him. Rapunzel also blames the witch for trapping her in a tower all of her life and then banishing her to a swamp. Rapunzel then tells her prince to take her far away from the witch. He then takes off on his horse with her into the distance. It is unknown what happened to them after that.

Into the Woods



Into the Woods

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