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Ratatouille the Musical (also known as Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical,[1] Remy The Ratatouille, or Ratatousical[2]) is an internet meme and crowdsourced charity benefit concert based on the 2007 Disney/Pixar film Ratatouille. Beginning when one TikTok user created a short comedic song in tribute to the main character of the film, users then remixed and added to each other's videos to envision a full musical, including scenic design, choreography, and more songs. A concert presentation of the musical was streamed for 72 hours beginning on January 1, 2021.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, users of the social media app TikTok collaborated on musical numbers based on unconventional subjects, such as a grocery store. Earlier in 2020, TikTok users shared cooking videos accompanied by "Le Festin", a song from the Disney/Pixar film Ratatouille. Eventually TikTok users created parodies, including videos of lackluster cooking accompanied by a parody of "Le Festin" with fake French words.

In August 2020, Emily Jacobsen recorded an ode to Remy, the film's protagonist, among various odes to other Disney characters. This ode was later remixed by Daniel J. Mertzlufft as the finale of a hypothetical Ratatouille musical. Subsequent videos repurposed prior contributions, such as the "Ode to Remy" lyrics and orchestration, to add new elements, like set design, choreography, and a playbill designed by artist Jess Siswick.[3] Using the TikTok "Duet" feature, users added vocal tracks atop each other to develop musical numbers. One of the most popular songs is a duet between Colette and Linguini sung by between Blake Rouse and Acacia Pressley, composed by Rouse. Others developed new numbers, such as "The Life of a Rat (Trash Is Our Treasure)" and "A Rat Is a Rat Is a Rat". One contributor, R.J. Christian, created songs for multiple characters in the style of Alan Menken. American Broadway actor Andrew Barth Feldman of Dear Evan Hansen performed a song. Users created a central hub for the collaboration with 200,000 followers by mid-November 2020. Disney responded to the fan activity with a video of Disney Channel actor Milo Manheim performing a submission for the musical at the site of a Ratatouille-themed ride at Walt Disney World.[4]

Cast and characters

Character Benefit concert (2021)[5]
Remy Tituss Burgess
Alfredo Linguini Andrew Barth Feldman
Colette Tatou Ashley Park
Chef Skinner Mary Testa
Django Wayne Brady
Emile Adam Lambert
Auguste Gusteau Kevin Chamberlin
Anton Ego André De Shields
Mabel Priscilla Lopez
Young Anton Ego Owen Anthony Tabaka

Musical numbers


  1. "Overture" – Orchestra (Written by Alec Powell)
  2. "Anyone Can Cook" – Gusteau (Music and lyrics by Kevin Chamberlin; additional material by Daniel Mertzlufft)
  3. "Trash Is Our Treasure" – Django (Music and lyrics by Gabbi Bolt)
  4. "Remember My Name" – Remy (Music by Mertzlufft; lyrics by Kate Leonard)
  5. "Anyone Can Cook (Reprise)" – Linguini (Music and lyrics by Nathan Fosbinder)
  6. "Kitchen Tango" – Colette and Linguini (Music and lyrics by Blake Rouse)
  7. "Rat's Way of Life" – Emile (Music and lyrics by Rouse)
  8. "I Knew I Smelled a Rat" – Skinner (Music and lyrics by Sophia James)
  9. "Ratatouille" – Ego (Music and lyrics by Danny K. Bernstein)
  10. "Ego's Flashback" - Ego and Young Ego[6] (Music and lyrics by R.J. Christian and Katie Johantgen)
  11. "Finale" – Full Company (Music and lyrics by Emily Jacobssen and Mertzlufft)
  12. "Ratamix" - Full Company (Arranged by Mertzlufft)

Differences Between Original and Musical

  • The introduction scene is shortened.
  • Some scenes are narrated frequently by Remy.
  • Remy never imagined in his mind in the musical. Instead, he just took a taste of the flavor, and he needs some saffron afterwards.
  • Because of the change above, the mushroom scene and the scene where Remy and Emile get struck by lightning onto the roof are removed.
  • Mabel sleeps on her couch in the film and on her bed in the musical.
  • In the film, Mabel uses the gun to shoot at Remy and Emile. In the musical, Mabel never uses her gun in the musical; instead she just tries to grab Remy and Emile as they run away from her and trying to get out of her house.
  • The scene where the rat colony evacuate from Mabel’s house is removed.
  • The scene where Remy goes through the river rapids is removed.
  • Remy never steals the “Anyone can cook” book from Mabel. Instead, Gusteau’s ghost is first seen in the sewer where Remy ended up.
  • The scene where Remy goes through the passage up to the roof is removed.
  • Because of the change at the beginning, the scene where Remy falls into the kitchen and the scene where he cooks the soup are removed.
  • The scene where Linguini gets hired by Skinner is removed; he gets hired by him offscreen.
  • Some minor chefs from the film were removed. As such, some minor scenes involving them were not present in the musical.


  • Ratatouille is the third Pixar film to be turned into a musical, but it only applies on tiktok, not onstage. The first being Finding Nemo, and the second being Toy Story.


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