Ravana is the primary antagonist who appears in the Pixar short, Sanjay's Super Team. He is Sanjay's super villain re-imagining of the Hindu Demon King Ravana, a mythical monster from Hindu mythology. His super villain identity takes inspiration from Venom, a villain from the Marvel Comics series, though he resembles the villain Shapeshifter from the "Super Team" TV series

Role in the short film

Ravana first appears when Sanjay discovers him on a large diya's wick, resembling the villain Shapeshifter from the animated series "Super Team". Trying to escape from Ravana, Sanjay discovers the temple doors are locked and thus unable to escape. Ravana then grabs two staffs from the statue of the deity Hanuman as he grows additional arms and heads upon taking several weapons from the statues of the deities. As Sanjay ignites the wick using his action figure of Blue Flame (he notices his action figure emits sparks), both Ravana and Sanjay are knocked by the large blast. The statues of the three deities then transform into life-sized deities as they confront Ravana by countering all the weapons he throws at Sanjay and the deities as the deities protect him.

As soon as each of the deities use a bell (which is the same one Sanjay's father uses at their house), the sound of the bells emit colorful rings which stall Ravana as the monster grabs several weapons combining them to create a trishula. Soon as Sanjay sees a reflection of the large diya resembling the bell his father uses, Sanjay decides to stop Ravana and as soon as Ravana gets close to him, Sanjay then smashes his action figure, which emits a wave of colorful lights stopping Ravana, as the monster gets absorbed into the diya thus defeating Ravana. As soon as Ravana fades away, the deity Vishnu gives Sanjay a replacement of Sanjay's action figure.

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