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Ravonna: "You know what you would happen if we didn't prune the timeline? Chaos. Death."
Mobius: "Free will?"
Ravonna: "Free will? Only one person gets free will. The one in charge."
―Ravonna and Mobius[src]

Ravonna Renslayer is a Marvel Comics character who is an antagonist in the Disney+ series Loki. She serves as a Judge in the Time Variance Authority and decides the punishments to those who are causing problems on the Sacred Timeline.

Ravonna Renslayer was created by Stan Lee and Don Heck.


Ravonna previously had a normal life on the Sacred Timeline, being born as Rebecca Tourminet. She is graduated at the Ohio State University, getting a license degree as a teacher and then she was hired by the Franklin D. Roosevelt High School, where she later became the Vice Principal. One day, however, she somehow created a nexus event which caused her timeline to branch. Because of this, she was captured by Time Variance Authority and her timeline was destroyed, but instead of being pruned and sent to the Void like many other Variants, she had her memories erased to work for the organization.

At the TVA, her name was changed to Ravonna Renslayer and she was turned into a Hunter, a commander to the Minutemen, identified as "Hunter A-23". Since then, Ravonna fought to protect the Sacred Timeline and maintain the proper flow of time according to the Time Keepers' instructions. She was told at the TVA that the Time Keepers created the organization and all its workers, so she had no idea that they are actually mindless androids being controlled by He Who Remains, the true ruler and founder of the organization.

At some point, Ravonna was promoted to a judge and is probably how she acquired the knowledge that she is a Variant, having a pen from the Franklin D. Roosevelt High School as a souvenir at her office. Despite this, she kept the secret and continued blindly following instructions from the Time Keepers to maintain the order in the TVA and protect the Sacred Timeline.


Someone created the Time Keepers. They created this whole place. They gave us all purpose. I have to believe they had a reason.
―Ravonna to Mobius[src]

Ravonna is a powerful, strong-willed and strict disciplinarian that holds to her beliefs to the end. She is extremely devoted to her work at the TVA and thinks that it is for the greater good of the Multiverse. As a Hunter, she is a good soldier and later becomes a capable judge, and she is overall a great disciple to the bureaucracy. She is loyal to those she thinks are the rulers of the TVA, the Time Keepers, and will blindly follow their orders to keep the Sacred Timeline safe.[2]

However, her beliefs are shaken when the lies of the TVA are revealed, as she never knew that the Time Keepers are just mindless androids. But instead of this triggering a reflection of her life's purpose and the wish to share the truth with others, like it happens with Agent Mobius and Hunter B-15, Ravonna reacts in anger. She does everything to continue in power and maintain the order inside the organization. At the same time, she intends to find the one behind the TVA to get revenge for lying to her. Despite this, even after knowing the truth, she continues to think the TVA exists for a reason and that their goal to keep the order in the Multiverse is a cause worthy of fighting for, to prevent chaos and death. She doesn't believe that what she is doing is evil and wishes she never learned about the Time Keepers being fake to be able to do her work forever.[2]

Although she is often harsh and constantly focusing on her main goal, she is not heartless. She shares a genuine long-time friendship with Mobius and is pained to have to prune him, but still does it for the sake of her cause. When he miraculously returns from the Void, however, she is relieved to see him and is not able to send him to die again despite their ideological disagreements.[1]


Skilled Martial Artist: Ravonna has military training as a Hunter, but after being promoted to a judge, she started to rely in the Minutemen to fight for her, so she uses her fighting skills less often. Despite this, she still has muscle memory of her training, being elegant and minimal in her fighting style. She is very skilled, to the point that she is easily disarms Mobius and knocks him on the ground with few quick movements when he confronts her with a Time Stick.[3]


Marvel Cinematic Universe


Season One

Ravonna judges Loki for his crimes against the Sacred Timeline.

In the first episode, Ravonna first appears at the Time Court, where she judges the Loki Variant L1130 for his crimes against the timeline. When he stole the Tesseract and escaped from the Avengers following the Battle of New York, this created a nexus event which caused the timeline to branch, so she asks him how he pleads for his crimes. Loki claims that they got the wrong person, telling Ravonna that he only got the Tesseract because the Avengers traveled back in time, so they are the ones that should be arrested. But Ravonna states that the Avengers time-travel was supposed to happen according to the predicted path on the Sacred Timeline while Loki stealing the Tesseract was not. She explains to him that the Time Keepers, the creators of the TVA and protectors of the proper flow of time, are the ones who dictate what happens on the timeline and Loki requests to speak to them, but she tells him that they are busy doing their work.

Loki: "You ridiculous bureaucrats will not dictate how my story ends!"
Ravonna: "It's not your story, Mr. Laufeyson. It never was."
―Loki and Ravonna[src]

Loki then attempts to use his magic to summon his daggers but fails, so Ravonna reveals that magic powers do not work inside the TVA headquarters. She sentences Loki to be reset, and he tries to resist as Hunter B-15 and a Minutemen grab him by the arm, refusing to let the TVA decide his fate in his story, but Ravonna tells him that this was never his story in the first place. Then, Agent Mobius, who has been watching the trial from a bench, approaches to speak with Ravonna. She becomes wary, already knowing what he is going to ask her to let Loki help them to capture a Time Criminal, who is another Loki Variant that has been killing the Minutemen and stealing their reset charges. Ravonna reluctantly accepts it, but warns Mobius that if something goes wrong, he will be the one responsible for it.

Ravonna talks with Mobius inside her office.

In the second episode, after Mobius returned from the first field mission with Loki, Ravonna and Mobius talk inside her office. Mobius looks at her trophies, the objects she collects from their missions. When he does not remember where they got a snow globe, Ravonna tells him that Mobius is not the only analyst working for her. She reads the event report of his failed mission with Loki, which describes the Variant Loki as insubordinate, stubborn and unpredictable. Mobius tells her that despite their failure, he learned more about the strategy of this Loki, which will help them to capture the other one. However, Ravonna becomes concerned and says that she knows how Mobius has a soft spot for "broken things" and this might cloud his judgment. Ravonna reminds him that Loki's role on the Sacred Timeline is to be an evil lying scourge. Mobius wonders if Loki would be able to change if he wanted to, but Ravonna claims that this would only happen if the Time Keepers decree it.

Mobius asks her how the Time Keepers are, because he never met them. Ravonna tells him that the Time Keepers are monitoring every aspect of this criminal case and it is the first time they have been so involved, showing that they want the Variant caught. Ravonna warns him that this is the last chance he will have to try to work with this Loki, before handing him the event report and a pen for him to sign it. Mobius notices that the pen is from a High School named Franklin D. Roosevelt and says that he does not remember them getting this trophy either, but states that it must be from her other analyst. As he is leaving the office, Ravonna asks Mobius if he really believes in this Loki. Mobius tells her that Loki probably believes in himself enough for them both and if everything fails, he will delete him.

Ravonna watches the Sacred Timeline branching off after the Variant bombarded it with reset charges.

Mobius later returns to talk with Ravonna again, after Loki found out that the Variant must be hiding within apocalyptic events. He asks her to approve the deploy of a task force to a Roxxcart store at Alabama, 2050, which is the Variant's potential hiding spot. Ravonna is reluctant to accept it, especially because this is all based on Loki's theory, and she does not trust him, especially after he found a major blind spot in the TVA's security. Ravonna reminds Mobius how Loki blew his previous mission, but she eventually approves his request after some insistence. However, she warns him that if anything goes wrong, she will not be able to do much. Later, during the TVA mission at the Roxxcart store, the Variant sends the many reset charges that were collected from the Minutemen to different points in time, bombarding the Sacred Timeline and creating several branches. When this happens, Ravonna is seen inside her office and is horrified as she watches the chronomonitor showing the new branches growing. She then picks her Time Stick before leaving her the office.

Ravonna confronts the Variant alongside the Minutemen.

In the third episode, after the Variant invaded the TVA headquarters, Ravonna is seen carrying her Time Stick alongside two Minutemen. She pursues the Variant, who is revealed to be a female Loki, and finds her confronting Loki. As soon as she sees Ravonna, the Variant takes Loki as a hostage, pointing her machete to him and threatening to kill him if Ravonna approaches. Not concerned about Loki, Ravonna attempts to attack the Variant with her Time Stick anyway, but Loki uses the TemPad the Variant is carrying to open a Time Door on the ground and the two Lokis fall into it before Ravonna is able to hit them.

Ravonna captures a young Sylvie and brings her to the TVA.

In the fourth episode, a flashback shows Ravonna when she was still working as the Hunter A-23. Ravonna leads a Minutemen unit to a mission on Asgard to arrest a young Sylvie, the female Loki Variant, for creating a branched timeline. Sylvie is playing with her toys when Ravonna and the Minutemen appear and abduct her before pruning her timeline. When Ravonna brings Sylvie to be judged at the Time Court, Sylvie manages to steal her TemPad, open a Time Door and escape. In the present, Ravonna is seen visiting the Time Keepers' chambers. After she left, Mobius is waiting for her and asks what the Time Keepers said. Ravonna is nervous and replies that it is always very distressing to speak with them. She tells him that it is worse now after the Variant invaded their headquarters and could have gotten to the Time Keepers. She says that they blame her for what happened because the Variant escaped with the Loki that Ravonna gave Mobius permission to leverage. Ravonna explains that it is very hard to maintain the timeline stable and the Time Keepers are the ones that stand between them and full-scale calamity, so they should be worried if the Variant tries to reach them.

Ravonna claims that Hunter C-20 is dead and asks Mobius to find the two missing Loki Variants.

Mobius requests Ravonna access to Hunter C-20, who had been under Sylvie's magical enchantment and was found at the Roxxcart store repeating the words "It's real". Mobius says that he wants to interrogate C-20 to figure out what she meant and what she saw when she was with the Variant, because this might help them to find the missing Lokis, but Ravonna reveals that the Hunter is dead. Mobius becomes surprised because when they found C-20 she seemed fine and asks Ravonna how she died. Ravonna tells him that the Variant had scrambled C-20's mind with the enchantment, causing a step decline. Ravonna claims that by the time C-20 returned to the TVA, she could barely speak and died shortly after. Ravonna asks Mobius to keep C-20's death as a secret to prevent panic inside the TVA. Ravonna then states that they are in danger because of the two Lokis that are at loose and asks him to focus on finding them.

Later, after Sylvie and Loki were captured by the TVA on Lamentis-1, Mobius goes to Ravonna's office and she asks him why he is not interrogating Loki. Mobius tells her that he intends to keep Loki inside the Time Cell for a while and asks to interrogate the Variant. Ravonna tells him that he should just stick with his Loki and discover why the two Variants caused a nexus event on Lamentis. Mobius argues that it would be easier to find out if the two Lokis are interrogated together, but Ravonna refuses. She claims that the Variant is too dangerous and no one should speak with her. Mobius becomes suspicious and tells her that he feels that there is mastermind there, and he does not think it is Loki. Ravonna keeps insisting that he should go back to interrogate Loki and figure out the cause of the nexus event, so Mobius just leaves despite being annoyed with her refusing his request.

Ravonna and Mobius celebrate that the case of the two Lokis is solved.

Some time after Mobius interrogated Loki and found out the reason of the nexus event on Lamentis (caused by Loki and Sylvie's developing romantic feelings for each other), Ravonna and Mobius reunite inside her office again. They drink to celebrate that the case is finally solved and Mobius questions Ravonna why she would not let him interrogate Sylvie. Ravonna asks who Sylvie is and Mobius explains that is what Loki calls the Variant, so Ravonna tells him that they could not have risked Sylvie escaping. She tries to change the subject by asking him where he would go if he could travel to anywhere on the timeline, Mobius replies that he likes to be at the TVA working with her. Ravonna informs him that the Time Keepers want to personally oversee the two Loki Variants' pruning and want him to be there. Mobius then asks about Hunter C-20 again and Ravonna asks why he is questioning so much after the case was closed. Mobius says that something seems strange in the story about C-20 and the Variant.

When we're out there fighting for the fate of the Sacred Timeline, we're also fighting for this. For us. Friends against time, allies to the end. You've seen all existence, same as me, so you know. Friendship like ours is... uncommon.
―Ravonna to Mobius[src]

Ravonna explains that the Variant scares her because of what happened with C-20, claiming that the Hunter had lost her mind. Ravonna states that, by preventing him to access the Variant, she is trying to protect him. Ravonna says that she doesn't want anything bad to happen with Mobius because he is a close friend. She tells him that their work at the TVA matters, and fighting for the Sacred Timeline is also a way to protect their friendship. She reminds him how uncommon their long-time friendship is and that it is worth fighting for it, because they are friends across time, allies to the end. Mobius seems convinced by Ravonna's speech and asks her where she is going to place her new trophy, Sylvie's machete. When Ravonna's turns her back to put the machete on a shelf, Mobius swaps her TemPad with his own without her noticing, and then announces that he is leaving. Ravonna thinks that it is weird that he is leaving so soon, but she accepts when Mobius explains that he is tired after dealing so much with Lokis.

After Mobius learned the truth about the TVA, Ravonna orders the Minutemen to prune him.

Eventually, Ravonna notices that Mobius swapped the TemPads and goes after him with a group of Minutemen. Mobius learns watching the video of the Roxxcart mission debrief on her TemPad that Hunter C-20 actually had found out that all the members of the TVA are Variants thanks to Sylvie enchanting her, which allowed her to access the memories of her past life. As C-20 talks about becoming aware of all of them being Variants, Mobius pauses the video as Ravonna comes into frame to stop the recording. This meant that Ravonna lied about C-20 losing her mind and dying, while Loki had told him the truth about the everyone of the TVA being Variants. As Mobius decides to help Loki and releases him from the Time Cell, they come across Ravonna and the Minutemen. Ravonna tells Mobius that she knows that he has her TemPad. Mobius returns the device and claims to have taken it by accident, but sees that Ravonna is not being fooled by his lie. Mobius decides to answer her earlier question of where he would like go on the timeline, admitting that the place that he wanted to be is wherever he came from before joining the TVA and he would like to ride his jet ski. Hearing this, Ravonna orders the Minutemen to prune Mobius. Loki watches in horror and cries as his friend is disintegrated while Ravonna looks away, pained by her own decision. She then accompanies the Minutemen that are dragging Loki to go face the Time Keepers.

Ravonna takes Sylvie and Loki to face the Time Keepers.

Ravonna then goes to the Time Theater where Sylvie is imprisoned. Upon seeing that Sylvie is wet, Ravonna asks who was in the room with her. When a Minutemen replies that it was Hunter B-15, Ravonna correctly deduces that the Hunter also had learned the truth from Sylvie. She tells the Minutemen to be alert about B-15, who also has been compromised. Ravonna looks at Sylvie, who smiles at her, because the order inside the TVA is crumbling with the members knowing the truth. On their way to the Time Keepers' chambers, they reunite with Loki and Ravonna dismisses the Minutemen as they enter the elevator. Inside, Sylvie asks Ravonna if she remembers the time she captured her when she was still a child, and Ravonna replies that she does. But when Sylvie asks what was the nexus event that made the TVA abduct her from Asgard, Ravonna claims not to remember.

While Loki is distracted trying to confess his love to Sylvie, Ravonna prunes him from behind.

Entering the chambers, Ravonna stays close to the two Lokis while they are before the Time Keepers. She uses a Time Twister connected to their Time Collars to loop Sylvie back to her place when the Variant defies the Time Keepers and tries to advance towards them. However, Hunter B-15 suddenly appears and uses her TemPad to free Loki and Sylvie from their Time Collars before returning Sylvie's machete to her. Ravonna orders the guards to protect the Time Keepers and then faces Sylvie with her Time Stick, promising not to fail in eliminating her this time. However, Sylvie manages to knock Ravonna down and, with Loki's help, to defeat all the guards. While Ravonna is still knocked down, Sylvie beheads one of the Time Keepers and discovers that they are just mindless androids. Loki and Sylvie question who is really behind the TVA and when Loki becomes distracted trying to make a love confession to Sylvie, Ravonna uses her Time Stick to prune him from behind. Ravonna proceeds to attack an infuriated Sylvie, but is quickly disarmed. With Sylvie threatening her with the Time Stick, Ravonna tells her to just prune her already, but Sylvie refuses and demands answers instead.

In the fifth episode, after taking Ravonna to the Time Court, Sylvie questions who is behind the TVA, but Ravonna replies that she doesn't know. Reminding Ravonna that this is the same place she brought Sylvie to as a child, Sylvie asks her how it feels to be on the other side now that she is the captive and says that it is the perfect place to kill her. But Ravonna then reveals that Loki is not really dead, and offers her help because she also wants to know who created the TVA and who lied to her about the Time Keepers. She explains to Sylvie that destroying all the matter of a branched reality is impossible, so everything that is pruned is not "reset", but actually moved to another place from which nothing ever returns, a void at the end of time. Ravonna offers an alliance and Sylvie, wishing to find Loki and the ruler of the TVA, reluctantly accepts it and returns her TemPad. Ravonna then calls the artificial intelligence of the TVA, Miss Minutes, and requests remote access to the TVA's restricted files from their archives regarding the beginning of time and the founding of the organization.

Stalling for time, Ravonna pretends to ally with Sylvie, who wants to find Loki and the ruler of the TVA.

However, Sylvie tells her that there might be a clue to find the ruler of the TVA at the end of time, because since the timeline there is still not written, it could be possible for someone to be there undetected by the TVA as the timeline will never branch from a predicted path that still does not exist. Concluding that the ruler of the TVA is probably hiding beyond the Void at the end of time, Sylvie asks how to get pass it, but Ravonna replies that it is impossible to get pass the Void or go through it. Sylvie threatens Ravonna again, stating that there is no more use for her. Miss Minutes then intervenes to help Ravonna, by saying that there is a Void Spacecraft that could take them to the end of time. With the intention to stall for time until the Minutemen unit dispatched by Miss Minutes arrives, Ravonna goes along with this lie, and further explains details of the supposed spacecraft.

Sylvie quickly realizes that Ravonna and Miss Minutes are lying, but then sees herself surrounded by the Minutemen. Sylvie manages to steal Ravonna's TemPad again, before rushing to hide behind the judge's dais. Now with the Minutemen hearing, Sylvie wonders out loud if Ravonna was telling the truth when she said that she felt betrayed by the TVA and wanted to find the real ruler of the organization. Ravonna offers to put Sylvie inside a Time Cell reliving a good memory if she surrenders without resistance. Sylvie replies that she only has one good memory and then uses the Time Stick she took from Ravonna to prune herself, vanishing before them with the intent to find Loki in the Void. The Minutemen become stunned by Sylvie's display and turn to Ravonna in confusion. Ravonna lies, telling them that Sylvie is now dead and then leaves the Time Court.

Ravonna asks Miss Minutes to help her access files to find out who is behind the TVA.

Ravonna later goes to see Hunter B-15, who is imprisoned in a Time Theater. When B-15 asks why she is in a cell, Ravonna replies that she was disloyal to the TVA when she freed the Variant. B-15 asks who she was disloyal to after they saw that the Time Keepers are fake. Ravonna says that this doesn't make any difference, but B-15 disagrees and wants to tell the truth to the people of the TVA. Ravonna argues that the TVA needs stability until they know what is happening in the organization, and then starts to question about Sylvie. Ravonna says that she is aware that the Variant had linked with B-15 and wants to know what drives her to attack the TVA. B-15 replies that it is revenge and killing the Time Keepers, but now knowing that the Time Keepers are fake, Sylvie will go after the one who created them. B-15 then realizes that Ravonna is not acting to protect the organization, instead the judge also wants to find the ruler of the TVA. B-15 tells her that she will never find this person before Sylvie does, because while Ravonna only wants it, Sylvie needs it. Leaving the Time Theater, Ravonna calls Miss Minutes and requests all the files regarding the beginning of time and the founding of the TVA again. Miss Minutes says that this is a hard order, but Ravonna insists that whoever created the TVA is in danger and she needs to find them. This makes Miss Minutes pause, then she agrees to help and leaves.

Miss Minutes returns to see Ravonna at her office.

In the final episode of the season, while Ravonna is looking at some case files, she reminds of Mobius when she sees over the side of her chair the rings that were left by his glass after years of him sharing drinks with her. Miss Minutes then appears and Ravonna asks why she took so long to return. Miss Minutes apologizes and says that she needed to solve something first, but she is almost done downloading the files she needs to her TemPad. When the download is over, Ravonna looks on her TemPad and tells Miss Minutes that these are not the files that she requested. Miss Minutes confirms that they aren't, but states that "he" thinks that these files would be more useful. When Ravonna asks who she is talking about, Miss Minutes wishes her a good reading and then vanishes.

Later, Ravonna is packing files into her briefcase when she hears someone knocking at her door and is surprised as Mobius enters her office announcing his return after escaping from the Void using the TemPad Sylvie gave him. Ravonna is relieved to see her friend and states that if someone would manage to come back from the Void, she supposed it would be him. Ravonna notices that he is carrying a Time Stick and asks if he is going to prune her. Mobius replies that his standards are higher than hers with close personal friends. Ravonna apologizes and tells him that she could not let him get in the way of their mission. Mobius asks her what mission she is referring to after they found out that the Time Keepers are fake and that they are all Variants. Ravonna refuses to believe that their mission was all for nothing, explaining that it was why she had to prune him.

Hunter B-15 and Hunter D-90 meet Vice Principal Rebecca Tourminet on the Sacred Timeline.

Ravonna proceeds to use her TemPad to call Hunter D-90 to her office. However, Mobius tells her that this won't work now that they know her secret. He then takes a pen from his pocket, the one from Franklin D. Roosevelt High School that Ravonna had in her office, making her pause and question what he did. On the Sacred Timeline, in Fremont, Ohio, 2018, Hunter B-15 is running away from Minutemen inside the Franklin D. Roosevelt High School when she manages to lure Hunter D-90 to the vice principal's office. There, they are confronted by an irritated Vice Principal Rebecca Tourminet, who is identical to Ravonna Renslayer, and asks what they are doing at her school. Hunter D-90 is surprised and calls Rebecca "Judge Renslayer", making her look at him in confusion. B-15 explains to him that this person is not the judge of the TVA and they have a lot to discuss about it.

Mobius: "You didn't change? You betrayed me."
Ravonna: "No, no. You betrayed me! I looked out for you, hung my neck out for you, and you suffer a crisis of faith and turn to those Variants? Eons of friendship. And you threw it all away on a couple of Lokis."
Mobius and Ravonna[src]

Back in Ravonna's office, Mobius tells her that it is time for the people of the TVA to know the truth about the organization being a lie. But Ravonna says that it is a necessary lie because someone created the Time Keepers and the TVA, and gave purpose to all the workers of the organization. Mobius disagrees, saying that he saw in the Void the horrors that await those who are pruned and there is nothing necessary about that. Ravonna argues that if they didn't prune the Sacred Timeline, there would be only chaos and death. Mobius adds that there would also be free will, but Ravonna laughs and states that only the person in charge has the right to have free will, then she turns her back and continues to pack her briefcase. Mobius reminds her of her speech when they were celebrating the end of the Loki case inside her office, about them being "friends across time, allies to the end". He says that those were really beautiful words, but then she sent him to die and asks what happened that made her do it. Ravonna replies that she didn't change, but Mobius claims that she betrayed him. Angered, Ravonna tells him that she was the one betrayed because she risked herself and cared for him, only for Mobius to throw away the eons of their friendship "for a couple of Lokis".

Ravonna leaves the TVA "in search for free will".

Mobius continues to argue that they can't take away people's free will, but then notices that Ravonna is opening a Time Door with her TemPad and asks what she is doing. He pleads her to stay for them to build the TVA into something better, together. When Ravonna refuses, he lights up the Time Stick and says that he won't let her go. Ravonna states that he is no threat to her even with the Time Stick. When Mobius moves to hit her with the weapon, Ravonna easily disarms him and knocks him on the ground. Seeing Ravonna pointing the Time Stick towards him, Mobius tells Ravonna just to prune him again. Ravonna, however, hesitates and ultimately is unable to prune her friend, turning off the Time Stick. Seeing Ravonna picking up her briefcase again, Mobius asks where she is going. Ravonna replies she is going "in search for free will" before leaving the TVA through a Time Door.

The Good, the Bart, and the Loki

Ravonna appears in a post-credits scene at the end of the short, voiced by Dawnn Lewis. Similar to her MCU counterpart, she serves as a jury for Loki's trial at the TVA, where she deems him guilty of multiple charges, such as altering the timeline, crossing over between Disney+ brands, taking two parking spots at a Goofy parking lot, being more popular than all the heroes, having a British accent when he's supposed to be of Norwegian descent, promising to be good but never keeping his word, and forcing the audience to wait for the credits to watch a scene in hopes that it will advance the plot.


  • In the comics, Ravonna Renslayer is an alien princess who became the lover and later wife of Kang the Conqueror. The MCU Ravonna, despite being from Earth and not being Kang's lover, she still loyal to a Variant of Kang, He Who Remains, despite not knowing who is controlling the TVA.





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