Disney's Raw Toonage is an American animated television series produced by Walt Disney Television that originally ran from September 19, 1992 to September 9, 1993 on CBS. A total of 12 episodes were made.

The show consists of four segments:

  1. "Host Segment (Cold Opening)"
  2. "He's Bonkers D. Bobcat"
  3. "Totally Tasteless Videos"
  4. "Marsupilami"


Episode List

# Host Episode title
1 Ludwig Von Drake He's Bonkers D. Bobcat: "Spatula Party"
Totally Tasteless Video: "Doggie Schnauzer"
Marsupilami: "Marsupilami Meets Dr. Normanstein"
2 Don Karnage He's Bonkers D. Bobcat: "Sheerluck Bonkers"
Totally Tasteless Video: "All Potato Network"
Marsupilami: "The Puck Stops Here"
3 Uncle Scrooge He's Bonkers D. Bobcat: "Bonkers in Space"
Totally Tasteless Video: "Cro-Magnum PI"
Marsupilami: "The Treasure of the Sierra Marsdre"
4 Sebastian He's Bonkers D. Bobcat: "Draining Cats and Dogs"
Marsupilami: "Mars vs. Man"
5 Jitters A. Dog He's Bonkers D. Bobcat: "Get Me to the Church on Time"
Totally Tasteless Video: "So You Think You Know Everything, Do You?"
Marsupilami: "Someone's in the Kitchen with Mars"
6 Bonkers He's Bonkers D. Bobcat: "Ski Patrol"
Totally Tasteless Video: "Poultrygeist"
Marsupilami: "Romancing the Clone"
"Goofy's Guide to the Olympics"
7 None He's Bonkers D. Bobcat: "Get Me a Pizza (Hold the Minefield)"
Totally Tasteless Video: "Nightmare on Rocky Road"
Marsupilami: "Wannabe Ruler?"
Totally Tasteless Video: "The Porker's Court"
8 Launchpad McQuack He's Bonkers D. Bobcat: "Dogzapoppin'"
Marsupilami: "Bathtime for Maurice"
Marsupilami: "A Fear of Kites"
9 None He's Bonkers D. Bobcat: "Trailmix Bonkers"
Marsupilami: "The Young and the Nestless"
Totally Tasteless Video: "Coming Attractions"
Marsupilami: "Jungle Fever"
10 Gosalyn Marsupilami: "Witch Doctor is Which?"
Totally Tasteless Video: "Robin Hoof"
Marsupilami: "The Hairy Ape"
11 Marsupilami He's Bonkers D. Bobcat: "Quest for Firewood"
Totally Tasteless Video: "Badly Animated Man"
Marsupilami: "Safari So Good"
12 None He's Bonkers D. Bobcat: "Gobble Gobble Bonkers"
Marsupilami: "Hot Spots"
Totally Tasteless Video: "My New Shoes"
Marsupilami: "Prime Mates Forever"

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