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Realizations is a high end collectible toyline produced by Bandai which consists of toy licensed characters being artistically re-imagined, either by changing a bit of visual aesthetic or in the Meisho sub group of toys, placing the characters in a Edo era Japan setting and changing them entirely.

The toy line is divided into two categories: Movie and Manga, the Movie line has characters from film and television while the Manga line involves characters from comic books. So far, the toy line mainly consists of characters from Star Wars and Marvel Comics respectively as its primary focus. The art designer of the figures is Takayuki Takeya, whose body of work includes designing creatures and heroes for tokusatsu TV shows and films such as Shin Godzilla and Kamen Rider. He is also one of the design artists of Bandai's S.I.C. toyline.

List of Realization Figures

Star Wars

Image Figure Name Item model #
Realizations Darth Vader (2014)
Samurai Major Darth Vader (2014)
Realizations Samurai Darth Vader
Samurai General Darth Vader (Death Star Armor)[1]
Preist Darth Maul
Priest Darth Maul BAN17573
MR Royal Guard toy
Akazonae Royal Guard Figure BAN96412
MR Kanreichi Ashigaru Snowtrooper
Kanreichi Ashigaru Snowtrooper BAS55074
MR Yari Ashigaru ST
Yari Ashigaru Stormtrooper BAN03739
Realizations Sandtrooper
Teppo Ashigaru Sandtrooper BAN92048
Realizations Sandtrooper SDCC 2016
Teppo Ashigaru Sandtrooper Special Version (2016 SDCC Exclusive) BAN07986
MR Onmitsu Shadow Trooper
Onmitsu Shadow Trooper BAN05200
MR Taikoyaku ST
Taikoyaku Stormtrooper BAN03737
MR Yumi Ashigaru ST
Yumi Ashigaru Stormtrooper BAN03738
MR Ronin Boba Fett
Ronin Boba Fett BAN96410
MR Boba Fett Prototype
Ronin Boba Fett Prototype Armor (2017 SDCC Exclusive) BLFBAN16567
MR Threepio
Honyaku Karakuri C-3PO BANS55038
MR Ronin Jango Fett
Ronin Jango Fett BAN07787
First Order ST Realization
Ashigaru First Order Stormtrooper BANS57044
Realizations Kylo Ren
Samurai Taisyo Kylo Ren TBA
Realizations Captain Phasma
Ashigaru Daisho Captain Phasma TBA

Upcoming/Unreleased Star Wars figures

  • Ronin IG-88 (Announced at Tokyo Comic Con 2018)
  • First Order Stormtroopers Heavy Gunner and Kumigashima (New York Toy Fair 2019)
  • Shogun Ackbar (Tokyo Comic Con 2019)

Marvel Comics

Image Figure Name Item model #
SHF Manga Realization Spidey
Samurai Spider-Man BAN06234
SHF Manga Realization Samurai Spidey (Black)
Ultimate Onmitsu Black Spider-Man BAS55101
MR Iron Man Mk. 3
Samurai Iron Man MK. III BAN11205
SHF MR War Machine
Kotetsu Samurai War Machine BAN19825
SHF Manga Realization Cap
Samurai Captain America BAN19194
SHF Manga Realziation D-Pool
Kabukimono Deadpool BDIMV225867
Manga Realization Wolvie
Muhomono Wolverine  TBA

Upcoming/Unreleased Marvel Figures


  • At the 2017 Tamashii Nations World Tour event in New York, both Daredevil and Hulk figures were shown as concept art along with 3 figures that eventually went into production: Black Spider-Man, Wolverine and War Machine. Both the Hulk and Daredevil figures have yet to be made at this time.
MR SDCC comic
  • To promote the Marvel part of the toyline, a limited edition comic set in the Marvel Realizations universe was given out to attendees of the 2018 San Deigo Comic Con who purchased a Marvel figure from either the S.H. Figuarts line or the Realizations line[3]
    • The cover of the issue is an homage to the cover of Avengers #4 from 1963.
  • An R2-D2 Realizations was teased at one of the Tamashii Nations events in the form of concept art, but has yet to be made.
    Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 2.14.36 PM
  • The Meisho label of the Edo themed sub group toyline is in reference to a term which translates to "pictures of famous places", which adds layers of allusion to works of fiction or history that bring forth nostalgia through story telling or art such as ukiyo-e.[4] It also may refer to the name of an empress of Japan who lived and reigned during the Edo period.


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