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"Really Small Problems" is the fourteenth episode of the Disney Channel animated series, The Owl House. It premiered on August 1, 2020.


King confides in a carnival fortuneteller who makes his dream come true, but it comes at a cost.


At the Owl House, while Luz was talking to Willow and Gus, King reminds her of both having a "comedy hour" when she returns from school, which ends up happening shortly afterwards, as Hexside canceled classes after an infestation of pixies (which according to Willow was the fault of Boscha's pet pixie escaping). At the same time, Hooty delivers some postcards out of his mouth, and Eda notices an invitation to a carnival in Bonesborough today, and Luz tells King about them having their own "comedy hour" on the tour, much to King's delight.

However, when Eda, Luz and King arrive at the carnival, they are welcomed by Tibbles, who reveals that he sent the invitation to the trio, even after having his stand and "life" destroyed previously, he claims to have reevaluated his plans to become a ringmaster at Tibbles' Tend of Tiny Terrors stand, sounding apparently friendly and receptive to Eda, Luz and King, with the last two deciding to have fun together around the carnival. Luz and King find a "friendship bracelet", which they decide to acquire by playing the games and obtaining tickets, although Luz convinced King to also allow Willow and Gus, also present at the carnival, to join them, much to the King's disappointment. Feeling ignored, King is advised by a "fortune teller" to obtain a spray bottle, which is capable of shrinking anything, to use against Willow and Gus, with King accidentally doing it to both.

Shrunken to the tiny size, Willow and Gus decide to ride a fly to try to get Luz's attention, much to Gus's fear. Meanwhile, Eda, who was profiting from her illegal stand at the carnival, is captured by the Fun Police, as Eda was unable to fight them using her staff that Owlbert had unlocked on it to play games too. So, in a conversation with the local chief, he proposes Eda to, instead of sending her to the Conformatorium, she scam him at his carnival selling Caramel Crab Apples, which Eda does much to her frustration. During this, following a relentless pursuit, Willow and Gus were able to finally draw Luz's attention to a mirror house, where Luz is disappointed in King because he has shrunk Willow and Gus at her expense, even though King has acquiring the "friendship bracelet" they both wanted. They confront each other, ending with them also being shrunk and later captured by Tibbles, who revealed to be the fortune teller who struck King who, seeking to revenge, sent the quartet to the Tibbles' Tend of Tiny Terrors stand.

There, Luz, King, Willow and Gus are placed on a glass bridge, where they are there they must fight with a manticore, pigeon-type griffin, and three mad unicorns who are hungry. With the view of the fight zoom out to the audience, Eda, who was doing her duty at the carnival, was able to notice her "dumb kids" being the center of booing. King apologizes for Luz, Willow and Gus, revealing just wanting to be around Luz, as she is spending more time at school. In this way, the quartet is able to trick Tibbles to undo the spell, and all of them, including animals, return to their original sizes. Eda again destroys Tibbles' life for a second time, making him attention for the animals, as well as getting all his money, while King shares with Luz, Willow and Gus the now destroyed "friendship bracelet", finally winning the trust of the last two.



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  • In the Russian release, the episode is re-titled "Mini-Problems".
  • When Eda is caught by the Fun Police, a wanted poster for Billy Bob Brockali of the Rock-afire Explosion can be seen behind the chief.
  • The secret code translates to "Feathers".

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