Red Bat is Fethry Duck's superheroic alter ego. He is one of the characters created for the Disney Studio Program by Dick Kinney and Al Hubbard. He appeared in the Fethry comic series, and was first used in the story "The Health Nut", published on August 2, 1964.

Role in the comics

Since the early 1970s, Fethry has occasionally donned superhero garb and called himself the Red Bat (not related to the villain of the same name whom Mickey Mouse faced in his heroic guise as "Plastic Mickey"). Occasionally, Gloria, Fethry's girlfriend (created by Gerson Luiz Borlotti Texeira), would team up with the Red Bat as another costumed crime-fighter called the Purple Butterfly (Borboleta Purpurea). Even Fethry's nephew, Dugan, has donned a costume and called himself Red Bat Junior.


  • Fethry/Red Bat wears different colors of the same blouse, depending on which country the story is published in (e.g. in Brazil, his blouse is generally yellow; in the Italian comics, he usually wears a red one; and, in the comic books of Egmont Publishing, the traditional color of his blouse is pink).
  • It is revealed in "The Health Nut" that Fethry/Red Bat wears a stocking cap because he was convinced by a self-help book author that one's head is healthier when it is kept hot.


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