Redd, also known as the Redhead, is one of the characters in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

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During the Crew's Quarters sequence of the Grotto, a portrait of Redd can be spotted above the bar area where she is shown enjoying wine and fresh fruits.

Redd is one of the pirates serving Captain Barbossa aboard The Wicked Wench when it ransacks the city of Puerto Dorado on the island of Isla Tesoro in search of its treasure. Redd appears half-drunk in the Auction scene of the attraction where she is shown to be one of the pirates enforcing the auction which is selling off goods stolen from the people of Puerto Dorado. Throughout the auction, the Auctioneer attempts to auction off a coop of stolen hens to no avail as the pirates only want to buy rum. Redd constantly interrupts the Auctioneer and encourages him to sell rum as no-one cares about purchasing the hens.


In the original attraction, Redd (who was not yet named and colloquially known as "The Redhead") was a citizen of Puerto Dorado who was kidnapped and lined up to be auctioned off in the "Take a Wench for a Bride Auction". During the auction, the auctioneer was attempting to auction off a bride who none of the pirates placed money bids on due to her being over-weight, and much to the Auctioneer's dismay the only woman they displayed any interest in was Redd as they constantly shouted out at the Auctioneer "We Wants the Redhead" only for him to refuse to sell her yet and harass Redd for being so flirtatious with the pirates. It also implied at the beginning of the ride (which takes place in modern day when the pirates are all dead) that she did wind up becoming a pirate herself as displayed on a portrait in the Crew's Quarters called "Of Things to Come" which shows her enjoying a pirate's life.

This incarnation of the scene was removed in 2017 due to accusations of sexism, fat-shaming, and its light-hearted portrayal of human trafficking and the Redhead was thus updated to become one of the pirates herself.

Live Appearances

Redd can be met in the Parks as a meetable character.


  • The modern incarnation of the Redhead seems to be inspired by the historic Irish pirate, Anne Bonny.
  • In the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies, there is a prostitute named Scarlett who is loosely based on the original incarnation of the Redhead.


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