Remy Remington is a supporting character from the Disney Channel animated series Big City Greens. He is the best friend of Cricket Green and joins him and his sister Tilly on various adventures throughout Big City.



From the beginning of the series, Remy has been depicted as a timid and somewhat nerdy boy who is easily swayed by Cricket's charm. Remy lives with a very wealthy and successful family that he finds constricting due to their rich lifestyle and is constantly being watched over by the family's head bodyguard, Vasquez. Because of this, Remy has developed a slight animosity towards his parents' choices. Despite this, he is a relatively happy boy who values his friendship with the Green children above anything else.

Physical appearance

Remy is a short stocky boy who is close in height to Cricket and Tilly. Unlike the other characters in the series who have wildly unrealistic skin tones, Remy (and for that matter his parents) are depicted with typical African-American skin tones. Remy wears giant glasses that envelope his eyes and has short, curly, dark violet hair. He dresses in a normal light lilac shirt with a red vest and khaki shorts. He has blue shoes with his socks showing.


Cricket Green

Ever since Cricket moved into Big City, Remy was the first one to befriend him, despite having little to nothing in common. They have become best friends almost instantly, and Remy enjoys spending time with his friend. In fact, Cricket's assertiveness has even rubbed off on him; in "Remy Rescue", when Remy was about to be sent to boarding school for skipping his lessons, he stood up to his parents, stating that he wants to go outside more and make his own decisions, "like a big boy".

Tilly Green


  • Remy is allergic to dogs. Despite this he likes being around them.
  • Remy is slightly put off by the fact that Cricket refers to Phoenix, his dog, as his best friend over him.
  • Remy likes to imagine himself with a strong muscular body, which in order to emulate he cuts out photos of bodybuilders and places his head on top of them.
  • Remy is the first black character to appear on the show.
  • In "Time Crisis", Remy believes that he will pass away on November 12, 2094 at 5:22 PM. If one were to assume that he is 10 years old by the time the first episode premiered (June 18, 2018), that would mean that Remy will pass away at 86 or 87.


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