René Murat Auberjonois was an American actor, voice actor, and singer who is best known for his film roles as Father Mulcahy in MASH and Roy Bagley in King Kong. He was also well-known for his television roles, such as Clayton Endicott III on the ABC sitcom Benson and the Changeling, Odo, in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Additionally, he voiced Flanigan in the Warner Bros. animated film Cats Don't Dance and Master Fung in Season 1 of the Kids' WB series Xiaolin Showdown.

For Disney, he provided the voice of Chef Louis in The Little Mermaid, as well as singing "Les Poissons". He also voiced Nefir Hasenuf in the Aladdin series, and Renard Dumont in The Legend of Tarzan series. He appeared as Professor Buonragazzo in the TV musical Geppetto, a spin-off of the film Pinocchio. He also voiced Natori in the English-dubbed version of Studio Ghibli's The Cat Returns, and had an uncredited voice-over role as Phillipe Renaldi in The Princess Diaries. He also played Dr. Artemus Bradford in Inspector Gadget, and voiced André in Planes: Fire & Rescue, Dr. NoGood in DuckTales, and Ebony Maw in Avengers Assemble, and he played Sumner in The Christmas Star, and Neil Sheridan in ABC TV show Grey's Anatomy.

Disney Roles

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