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Renee is a thirteen-year-old girl who appears in Loop.



Renee, a non-verbal autistic girl, is attending a canoeing camp. Normally, she is with a camp counselor, but during this short, she is paired with a boy named Marcus.

Renee clings to her smartphone most of the time, and is constantly replaying her favorite ringtone.

She initially doesn't get along with Marcus, as they are unable to communicate. She ignores his attempts to show her how to row, and instead asks him to take her to the bathroom.

When they get to the bathroom, Renee gets distracted by some reeds, which she brushes up against. Marcus takes her back and forth a few times to let her enjoy the reeds, but she quickly goes back to her phone. Marcus decides to take her into a tunnel, where her ringtone echoes against the walls.

However, the echoes overwhelm Renee, and she panics. Marcus takes her to land, where she lashes out and throws her phone at him, causing it to fall into the water.

After this outburst, Renee pulls the canoe over herself and she hides while whimpering. Marcus eventually coaxes her out with a reed. Renee plays with the reed and mimics her ringtone, where she says her only line in the short: "Woof woof woof".

She and Marcus then get their canoe back in the water and go back to camp.

In a post-credits scene, she is heard moaning happily when her smartphone is recovered and repaired.


  • Renee is Pixar's first non-verbal autistic character.
  • Her voice actress, Madison Bandy, is also autistic.
  • When she is hiding under the canoe, she is seen stimming by wiggling her fingers.


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