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"Rent Day" is the ninth episode of House of Mouse, originally aired on ABC on March 17, 2001.


Minnie points out to Mickey that Pete has come by to collect the fifty-dollar rent, so Mickey asks her to hand it to him so he can go pay. But she tells him she already gave it to him this morning, and Mickey remembers that he then went and spent the rent money on cheese. To keep Pete busy, Mickey has one of Pete's cartoons shown and then has Goofy show him the villains' menu.

Mickey, in the meantime, looks around for someone who can loan him $50. Merlin offers to provide it to him if he can bring a sword to Arthur. The only one with a sword is the Headless Horseman, though, so Mickey offers to get him a pumpkin to use as a head in exchange. Cinderella is the only one with a pumpkin, which she needs as her transportation, so Mickey offers to get her alternates means of transportation. Aladdin says he'll loan Carpet to Cinderella if Mickey brings him a rose to give to Jasmine. Beast offers his Enchanted Rose if Mickey can provide a book for Belle. Unfortunately, Yen Sid is not willing to give up the book he's currently reading, so Mickey has to give up on this chain of deals. Donald then offers to loan Mickey $50 if he cancels O'Malley and the Alley Cats' appearance tonight so Daisy, who wants to do an act in today's show, can perform. Mickey reluctantly agrees to this and announces Daisy as tonight's act.

Backstage, Daisy shows Mickey and Minnie the act she has prepared - the Daisy Duck Light Parade. However, when Donald blurts out that he paid Mickey to let her perform, she walks out, saying she wanted to get her big break because she was a good performer, not due to a bribe. Donald runs off to apologize to Daisy, while Mickey admits to Minnie that he spent the rent money on cheese, but now they don't even have an act. But to keep the show going on, Minnie has Mickey perform Daisy's light show while she pays Pete, who critiques that "Mickey Mouse dancin' around in Christmas lights" wasn't much of a show. Meanwhile, Daisy forgives Donald for bribing Mickey, saying she's working on another act now - Fantasduck!

Featured shorts

Episode introduction "Direct from downtown Main Street, it's Disney's House of Mouse!"
Mickey introduction "And now, the mouse it all started with... Mickey Mouse!"
Sponsor "Financial services for the House of Mouse were not provided by Scrooge McDuck Savings & Loan."
Closing line (Mickey pops up and says) "Haha! See ya real soon, houseketeers!"


  • In Mickey's cellar room, the viewer can see Mickey's clothesline with his red shorts, his white gloves and a pair of socks (despite that Mickey doesn't wear socks).
  • Just after the Beast opens the cloche to reveal Goofy in his plate, his response ("This isn't what I ordered") was left unedited, resulting in Robby Benson's natural voice.
  • This episode has some similarities to the Zoey 101 episode Favor Chain, as well as the Mickey Mouse cartoon "Moving Day", as the latter is also about Mickey failing to pay landlord Pete the rent money on time much like this episode.

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