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Rescue Dog is an animated Pluto short.


Pluto, as the title says, is a rescue dog in the frozen north. But when he tangles with a baby seal, it turns out that he is the one who needs to be rescued.

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Have a Laugh! changes

The following scenes were deleted from the short release due to time constraints:

  • The opening pan of the snowy area.
  • Pluto emerging from his doghouse headquarters and scratching himself as he heads off.
  • Pluto clinging to the snowy cliff by his hind legs and trying to keep his keg from slipping away.
  • All scenes between Pluto staring in surprise at Salty and Pluto, in chasing after Salty, falling off a cliff and landing in the icy water. Cuts include the following:
    • Salty wanting to play with Pluto
    • Salty walking along underneath Pluto, confusing the latter as he hears the seal but not see him.
    • The chase through the ice cave.
  • The scene of Pluto in the icy water is shortened, cutting out him bumping his head against the ice and discovering a domed bit of ice over a hole in the ice surface.
  • Salty looking through the ice to see Pluto swimming by tiredly.


  • This is the first Pluto cartoon to have the post-1947 Pluto theme music in the opening titles (although, technically, it was first heard in the commercial short A Feather in His Collar). This theme music contains Mickey Mouse's voiceover (voiced by either Walt Disney or Jimmy MacDonald) saying, "Hey, Pluto!", along with Pluto's barks in the middle of the music. This theme would be used for the rest of the Pluto series until its end in 1951 (although it would be used one last time in Pluto's Party, a Mickey cartoon).


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