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Rescue Rangers away!
―The Rescue Rangers' cry

The Rescue Rangers are the titular main characters of the Disney TV series, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers. They are a team of sentient anthropomorphic animals who use their genius-level intelligence, their knowledge of hand-to-hand combat, and their high-tech gadgets and weapons to protect the innocent and fight the forces of evil.


Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers[]

The protagonist team's members are Chip, Dale, Zipper, Monterey Jack, and Gadget Hackwrench. Despite the fact that they often interact with humans (and one of their arch-nemeses, Professor Nimnul, is a human), humans can't understand what they are saying.

The Rescue Rangers' headquarters are located within a tree, growing in a New York City park (presumably Central Park, due to the presence of the Chrysler Building in "The Carpetsnaggers", and the World Trade Center's Twin Towers in "Robocat").

Means of transportation for the team include the Ranger Plane, the Ranger Wing, and the Screaming Eagle.

DuckTales reboot[]

Within the 2017 reboot of DuckTales, the Rescue Rangers are escaped laboratory test animals granted sentience by an intelligence ray created by the criminal syndicate F.O.W.L.'s scientist Black Heron.

They appear in the episode "Double-O-Duck in You Only Crash Twice!" where Launchpad McQuack absent-mindedly helps them escape. They return the favor when he battles Steelbeak in one of the episode's climactic scenes. Upon them leaving, he tells them "Thanks for the rescue!"

They make another appearance in "The Last Adventure!" where they are revealed to be some of the many adventurers, or adventure related people, to have been captured by F.O.W.L. for eradication. They, along with numerous other characters, give encouragement to Launchpad when he is up against Steelbeak and his brainwashed allies. Afterwards, they are seen along with the other freed heroes to watch Bradford Buzzard's defeat.

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers film[]

In the metafictional context of the film, the cast of Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers are all actors who went their separate ways after the ending of the show. Chip went into insurance, Dale kept looking for new career opportunities and making convention appearances while getting CGI surgery to keep up with the changing times, Gadget and Zipper married and had a swarm of rodent/insect hybrid children, and Monterey Jack's cheese addictions led him into mob debt. When this mob debt resulted in Monterey Jack being kidnapped and put into a black market "video mockbuster" industry, the other Rescue Rangers reunited to save him and the rest of the Toons.

Printed Media[]

In the five-part comic book series "The Legend of the Chaos God", during Solego's attack, Solego uses his powers to possess Dale, but the rest of the Rescue Rangers manage to free Dale from his influence.



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