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Ring, ring. Who is it? Destiny? I've been expecting your call.

Rhino is a hamster and the tritagonist of Disney's 2008 animated feature film Bolt.


Rhino is Bolt's biggest fan. He has all but memorized every episode of the canine's TV show. When Bolt shows up at his door, Rhino sallies forth in his hamster ball to help him out.

Though perhaps not the brightest of characters, Rhino does manage to help Bolt and Mittens at times. Other than that, Rhino serves as the film's comic relief, offering little character development and personality, but quite a few humorous dialogues.

Rhino was also the central protagonist of his own short Super Rhino, in which he got superpowers himself by Penny's father (just like Bolt). The short feature was added to the Blu-ray and DVD release.



Before meeting Bolt & Mittens[]

Not much is known about him, most of time he'll spend his time watching TV (which he dubs as "magic box"), which he mainly watched the series titled "Bolt".

Meeting Bolt & Mittens[]

When Rhino was watching TV, he looks outside to see Bolt with Mittens, Rhino is excited to see the actual Bolt. Since he believe about him having powers, he'll believe that Bolt is taking Mittens to help her find Penny which Rhino also believed that she was working for the Green-Eye Man. Bolt lets him come with them while Mittens was against it, so Rhino leads them to a train. He gets excited to be in intense action with Bolt but when things don't go right, Rhino believed that Mittens was trying to kill him but once Bolt saves himself, they get launched off the train and all of them get hurt.

Rescuing Bolt & Mittens[]

As Mittens refuses to come down the tree, Rhino will try to find a ladder to get her down but when he comes back, he sees the animal control capturing them. Rhino rushes to them until the driver finally stopped, Rhino quickly gets out of his ball and climbs the vehicle so he can try to free them. He was successful in freeing Bolt but Mittens was left behind, since he rescued Bolt, Bolt was surprised that Rhino busted opened the door and that's why Bolt was free. Rhino now suggest to go and save their prisoner but Bolt was upset knowing that he didn't have powers and didn't believe he can even rescue anyone. Rhino tries to remind him about the Bolt he know, such as the many odds put against him and still manages to overcome them. Bolt now motivated, he goes to try and find the place that has Mittens, they eventually find the place but they decided to stealthily try to rescue her, Rhino tries to suggest to use the many methods he saw from the "Bolt" series, but Bolt is against it decides to make Rhino create a distraction. As their heist begins, Rhino takes this opportunity to escape and the employee accidentally kicks him to the other employee's face which this is when they make their escape. When they try to find a vehicle to get a ride from, Rhino spots a truck hauling a house. Rhino is happy he was in an action scenario, Rhino try some stuff in the house while Bolt and Mittens talk for a bit.

Trip to Hollywood[]

As they make their journey to Hollywood, Rhino is tagging along with them while also helping them getting a map, they make their way to Vegas which all of them are having a good time and they all sleep together near the dumpsters. When Rhino wakes up, he notices it that Bolt is not here but Mittens tries to explain that he "instructed" her to tell Rhino that he had to face Calico alone, Rhino refuses to listen then goes to him, Mittens is confused why would he want to go which Rhino explains that Bolt is their friend and he learned from him that you shouldn't leave a friend regardless so he goes while Mittens follows too. As they make to Hollywood, they head to the TV studio knowing Bolt will be there but once they arrived, Rhino saw one of the actors dressed as Dr. Calico's henchmen. Rhino wants to attack despite Mittens being against but Rhino still goes. As he reaches the henchmen, Rhino constantly threatens him but all the actor hears is just squeaking coming from the hamster. Nevertheless, the actor doesn't threaten Rhino but adores him and begins to recall that he used to have a hamster similar to him called Mr. Sparkles when he was just a kid.

Helping Bolt[]

The studio is then set on fire when the fake Bolt is spooked by Calico and his henchmen during filming of the show's latest episode, knocking out the set torches. While Rhino still continues glaring at the henchman actor, the actor realizes that the studio is on fire and is forced to leave Rhino behind, as he blatantly tells the actor to run. Bolt and Mittens, having sensed that Penny is in real danger, rush by him and decides to help them save Penny. Witnessing an opening, Rhino helps Bolt go through the entrance, but is forced to hold the falling debris and realizes that he's going to die in a good day. But Mittens helps Rhino escape his hamster ball, while Bolt makes it through the opening before the debris crushes it, leaving him shocked. Rhino later finds out that Bolt and his owner Penny are still in the studio after hearing him bark through the air vent, believing it to have been a real "super-bark" and also allowing the firefighters to save them in the nick of time.

Adopted by Penny[]

Some time later, after Penny decides to quit the show, Rhino, Mittens, along with Bolt are now adopted by her and have decided to live a much happier life in a rural town while the Bolt TV is given a replacement actress and has "jumped the shark" with an alien abduction storyline. Upon witnessing its latest episode, Rhino begins to realize that the show is unrealistic. The real Penny arrives in their couch and takes a picture with them, and brings them to play outside as they enjoy their happier life outside of Hollywood.

Super Rhino[]

When Penny and Bolt are both captured by Dr. Calico and are about to be dipped into a pool of lava inside his secret island base that is impenetrable to man or dogs, Penny's Father, witnessing the events through Bolt's collar and realizing that he can't save his daughter, turns to Rhino, who is watching something on television. Penny's Father then puts Rhino in the same procedure as Bolt, giving the hamster super powers. Rhino then used his super speed to reach Calico's island. After landing, Calico's soldiers arrive and surround the hamster, but he is able to go through them, destroying every vehicle in his path before using heat vision to enter the base. Rhino is able to rescue Penny and Bolt as well as defeat Calico and his soldiers with his eye-beams and super squeak before he performs "The Best of Both Worlds" on a stage, only to learn that he has been dreaming his adventures all along. Rhino then dreams about being selected by the President to defeat Calico once again.

Once Upon a Studio[]

Rhino, Bolt, and Mittens appear with Minnie, seeing Bernard, Miss Bianca and Orville crashing after popping out of their frame when Thumper told them to wake up, in which he exclaims "Awesome!", and Minnie tells Peter Pan to get the rest of the characters upstairs. They also join in the group photo alongside Penny.

Bolt: The Video Game[]

One day, presumably following the events of the film, Rhino decides to do a Bolt marathon, watching all the show's episodes; this serves as the game's framing device. When the game is paused, Rhino will occasionally chime in with his own commentary.

At the end of the game, Rhino pauses an episode to do his own commentary before falling asleep.


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  • Rhino is known to break the fourth wall.
  • Rhino is the only one of the trio to be owned by Penny despite already having had a previous owner.
  • Rhino claims that his ancestry is also comprised of wolf (1/16th) and wolverine.
  • Originally, Rhino's voice actor Mark Walton was a placeholder voice, but the producers loved Walton's take on the character so much that he became the official voice.
  • Rhino has a new hamster ball in the end of the film, since his original ball was destroyed.
  • He is the only character in the first film who never realized Bolt's superpowers were not real, with Bolt seemingly seeing it unnecessary to tell the truth. However, in the ending, he watches the Bolt TV show and deems it unrealistic, implying that he learned of the truth after being adopted by Penny.
  • Some of the TV shows Rhino was watching prior meeting Bolt was The Bold and the Beautiful, Gilligan's Island, Press Your Luck, and The A-Team.
  • It was implied in the first film that Bolt's relation to Rhino changed as the dog realized he did not have any superpowers. At first, Bolt was amazed with Rhino's lively, energetic character. However, his simplistic, pedestrian view of himself and the world soon became a nuisance, and after Bolt's quarrel with Mittens, he decides to travel on without Rhino, leaving him behind in Las Vegas.
  • Rhino was listed #40 in Empire Magazine's The 50 Best Animated Movie Characters.
  • The animators brought a giant inflatable hamster ball into the studio to correctly replicate it within the film.
  • When the movie was originally known as American Dog, the third animal that joined Bolt, known as Henry, on his adventure was an "over-sized, radioactive rabbit".

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