Richard Irvine was an American art director. In the early 1950s, Walt Disney asked Irvine to help construct Disneyland. He moved from 20th Century Fox to the Walt Disney Studios in 1952 and became a senior figure at Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI). Until his retirement in 1973, he headed design and planning for all Disneyland attractions, including The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. Irvine became executive vice president and chief operations officer at Walt Disney Imagineering in 1967.

Irvine's daughter, Maggie followed in her father's footsteps and also joined Walt Disney Imagineering. His son married Kim Thomas, an art director at WDI, who is Imagineering colleague Leota Toombs' daughter.

Irvine died on March 30, 1976 in Los Angeles, California after suffering an illness that prevented him from visiting the completed Walt Disney World, which opened in 1971. In his honor, one of the original Walt Disney World riverboats was named after him.

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