Rick Flint is a character created for the Roger Rabbit comic book published by Disney Comics. He appears in all the issues of the series.


Rick is a former Marine and cop who too became a private investigator in Los Angeles. He looks younger than Eddie, is good looking, well built and polite, but firm and confident in himself.

Flint gives proof to be a good investigator, but lacks Valiant's knowledge of Toontown and its inhabitants, expecially how they act and behave, therefore he finds himself relying on Roger Rabbit and his friends to solve cases which involve Toons.


At the start of the series, Rick Flint is become a private eye only recently, and has some financial troubles, so he accepts to work on a case for Roger, sent to him by Eddie Valiant (who at the moment was full of cases and could not accept others). Together, the two resolve the crime of vandalism at the Ink and Paint Club and the manager Duke offers to repay him with an office above the club without having to pay rent.

In subsequent issues of the series, Rick will find himself involved with other toon crime cases, either commissioned by C.B. Maroon or by Roger himself. Initially annoyed by the toon's antics, they end up becoming friends and trusting and respecting each other.

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