Richard Bartlett "Ricky" Schroder Jr. is an American actor, screenwriter, director, and producer. He made his debut in the 70's sitcom Silver Spoons. As an adult, he gained more recognition for his role as Danny Sorenson in the TV drama series NYPD Blue.

For Disney, he starred as Lieutenant Paul Hellerman in the 1995 Hollywood Pictures film, Crimson Tide and Bobby in The Last Flight of Noah's Ark. He also guest starred as Paul Flowers on the ABC comedy sitcom Scrubs.



  • As he grew into adulthood, he decided to be credited as "Rick Schroder" to sound more mature. In 2007, he decided to put the "y" back in because he felt "Ricky" suited him better. His credits still continue to alternate between the "Ricky" and "Rick" though.
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