Ride a Wild Pony

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Ride a Wild Pony, also known as Born to Run, is a 1975 Walt Disney Productions film directed by Don Chaffey adapted from the James Aldridge novel A Sporting Proposition released on December 25, 1975.


Set in a small Australian town between world wars, the film follows the battle between two children, Scott, a poor farm boy, and Josie, the handicapped daughter of a wealthy ranch owner, for ownership of a horse that both children love. Scott requires a horse to ride seven miles to school today and his father buys an unbroken pony, which Scott names Taff. Josie yearns to ride again but, being crippled, must settle on the use of a cart and pony. Scott's pony disappears, while a pony is eventually selected for Josie from her father's herd. When Scott sees the horse, which Josie named Bo, performing in the pony and cart competition at the township fair, he recognizes it as his horse and attempts to take it away. The ensuing quarrel affects both the children as well as dividing the town. The children eventually become friends and, while the ownership issue is legally resolved, they agree on a way of sharing the pony between them.


  • Michael Craig as James Ellison

  • John Meillon as Charles E Quayle

  • Robert Bettles as Scotty Pirie

  • Eva Griffith as Josie Ellison

  • Graham Rouseas as Bluey Waters

  • Alfred Bell as Angus Pirie

  • Peter Gwynne as Sergeant Collins

  • John Meillon Jr

  • Wendy Playfair

  • Kate Clarkson

Production Credits

  • John Chaffey - Director
  • Don Chaffey - Director
  • Rosemary Anne Sisson - screenplay
  • James Aldridge - Source Material (From novel "A Sporting Proposition")
  • Rosemary Anne Sisson - Screenwriter
  • James Aldridge - Story
  • Ron Miller - Executive Producer
  • Jerome Courtland - Producer
  • Mike Campbell - Editor
  • Peter Boita - Editor Supervisor


Although based on an Australian story, the film was originally intended to be rewritten to fit an American setting. However, the producer, Jerome Courtland, determined that an Australian background would not detract from the film's potential for success in the US. As a result, the film was not only set in Australia, but employed a largely Australian-based cast. Ride a Wild Pony was filmed in the historic town of Chiltern, Victoria. Several different Welsh mountain ponies were used in the film's production


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