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"Ring Around the Planet" is the first episode of Little Einsteins.


June is watching the stars and the planets on her telescope and loves the planet Saturn, and to dance with it. But then, Saturn begins to play faster, causing one of the rings to come off and land on June's garden, and the team must bring the ring back to Saturn.


  • Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt



  • If the Little Einsteins were to travel to Saturn in real-time, it would take them approximately 3 years and 2 months to do so. (If they were to correspond with Voyager 1's speed)[1]
  • The space shortcut may be a reference to science fiction's concept of hyper jumping.
  • Saturn may be visible in the night sky on some occasions, but of course, not as easy as shown in the show.
  • In the show, Saturn's smallest ring was about as tall as June (about a metre), but in reality, the rings are about "282,000 km across and ~metre thick". In other words, the rings are much bigger than Earth itself.[2]


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