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Disneyland's Rivers of America, prior to the rerouting for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

The Rivers of America is an artificial river found in the Frontierland district of the Magic Kingdom-classed Disney theme parks around the world. The first river was built in Disneyland when the park opened in 1955. It surrounds Tom Sawyer Island, which can be reached by rafts traveling from the Frontierland mainland. Additionally, there are other water-based vehicles which are found on the river. The sights along the Rivers include a Native American tribe, a burning cabin (though the cabin at Disneyland hasn't been burning for years), and various animatronic wildlife.

As other Magic Kingdom parks were built, they included their own similar version.

  • At Walt Disney World the Rivers of America is similar to its California counterpart.
  • At Disneyland Paris the Rivers of the Far West is home to Big Thunder Mountain.
  • At Hong Kong Disneyland, there is no Frontierland, so the Imagineers merged the Rivers of America with the classic Adventureland Jungle Cruise attraction. Jungle river rafts now travel around the Rivers of Adventure, encountering similar situations as in the Jungle Cruise attraction, but on a much more open river and exposed to the elements of Adventureland. In the middle of the Rivers sits Tarzan's Treehouse, which can be reached by River Rafts.

Several steamboat and ship replicas sail the many Rivers.

Other Uses[]

Since 1992, the Disneyland Rivers of America has served as the stage for Fantasmic!.

In 2003, the motion picture Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl had its world premiere on the Rivers at Disneyland, with hundreds of celebrities and movie stars viewing the film on a purpose-built 90 feet tall projection screen.

In 2006, the film's sequel, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, premiered on June 24 on the Rivers as well, two days before the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction re-opened opposite the Rivers in New Orleans Square after a lengthy refurbishment. For the 2007 premiere of the third installment of the trilogy, the Rivers of America was once again home to the gala for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.

In 2023, the Fantasmic! stage at Disneyland was also used for the nighttime fireworks show Wondrous Journeys, along with the Main Street, U.S.A., Sleeping Beauty Castle and It's a Small World buildings.


Two guests have drowned in the Rivers of America at Disneyland. In both cases, the guests were trying to traverse the river themselves instead of riding the raft back to the shore.


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