Robette is one of Romeo's inventions. Contrary to what Romeo actually wanted, it began to try to take over the world herself in "Catboy and Gekko's Robot Rampage". This was due to a loose screw and was later resolved. During the episode, Romeo's original robot became jealous of Robette, which resulted in it running away. This was also later resolved and Romeo became friends with Robot again. Robette returned in the Season 2 episode "PJ Robot".


Robette's abilities mainly consists of laser-related attacks, and varies with different effects to the target:

  • Her beams can allow her to control other machines and devices such as Robot (as emphasized in "Armadylan and Robette Rule").
  • Her beams can vary from being heat type to physic type (as emphasized in both "Catboy and Gekko's Robot Rampage" and "Armadylan and Robette Rule").


Robette was generally nice and helpful but turned evil as previously mentioned. Robette was even nice to the PJ Masks, to Romeo's disappointment.


Robette is smaller than Robot and is dark red in color. She has a yellow "eye" which turns red when she malfunctions/under attack, with two arms and legs.


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