Roberta "Robie" Lester was an American Grammy-nominated singer, author, actress, and voice actress.

In the early 1960s, Disney songwriters Richard and Robert Sherman brought Lester to the attention of Disney's in-house record label. Lester's voice was heard on literally dozens of Disney's children's records. Her singing voice was heard on the song "Hippity Hop" from the Disney album Peter Cottontail Plus Other Funny Bunnies and Their Friends. Beginning in 1965, Lester was the "Disneyland Story Reader" on Disney Read-Along book-and-record sets where she read the stories, acted out all the parts and reminded children to "turn the page" in their accompanying book. Her famous phrase “You will know it is time to turn the page when Tinker Bell rings her little bells like this." was heard by countless children of a generation. She would provide the voice of Karen in the Story and Song from The Haunted Mansion record opposite Ron Howard. Her "Storyteller" album for The Aristocats was nominated for a 1970 Grammy Award. Robie Lester provided the singing voice of Eva Gabor's animated characters in Disney's The Aristocats and The Rescuers. She was also a caroler in the Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color episode, "Holiday Time at Disneyland".


Unfortunately, Lester lost her life to cancer on Tuesday, June 14, 2005 at St. Joseph's Hospital in Burbank, California. She was 80 years old.

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